Chances are that you’ve been using the same hairbrush since your college days and have never put in more than a fleeting thought about it meeting your needs and suiting your hair type. Guilty? Now’s the time to take charge and make a change. We tell you how different hairbrushes are ideal for different hair types and lengths and how you can maximise the impact of your blowout and achieve hairdos with an impeccable finish by simply using the right hairbrush.

use the right hairbrush paddle brush 600x400

1) Paddle Brush

Perfect to attain the straight and sleek look, a paddle brush is the best choice for most hair types. The paddle brush can also be used for preliminary hair drying. Got enviable long locks but are a victim of lifeless dry ends? We recommend investing in a paddle brush with natural boar bristles to help distribute beneficial natural hair oils down the length of your hair shaft.

use the right hairbrush teasing brush 600x400

2) Teasing Brush

We told you how a quiff and a bouffant can amp up your average ponytail in a matter of minutes. To make backcombing a whole lot easier and hassle free, the teasing brush is your best aide. The addition of a teasing brush to your arsenal will ensure that prepping your hair for elaborate hairdos is a breeze. Finish the look with the Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Hairspray and you are ready to hit the party floor!

use the right hairbrush barrel brush 600x400

3) Barrel Brush

Everybody loves a voluminous and big blowout and a barrel brush is your bet to effortlessly achieve the same. A round barrel brush with dense bristles creates the right amount of tension while blow-drying your hair to give you a smooth finish and shine. While the big barrel brushes help you attain volume, the thinner variety is great to create curls with a natural finish.