Love It Or Hate It. Baby Bangs Are 2019’S Hottest Hair Trend

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
Love it or hate it. Baby bangs are 2019’s hottest hair trend

When it comes to fashion and beauty trends, it is natural to see a lot of old ones make themselves relevant again. One such trend we’ve lately spotted being huge in the beauty industry is ‘Baby Bangs’. Now, whether you’re hell lot of excited to try it out or it makes you cringe, this hairstyle is 2019’s hottest hair trend and it is here to stay.

Love it or hate it. Baby bangs are 2019%27s hottest hair trend

If you’ve always sported bangs then these, tiny, super short bangs that frame the face might appeal to you. However, if gone wrong you can end up looking like a toddler who was left alone with a pair of scissors. After all we’re no Audrey Hepburn to pull off this hair trend so effortlessly.

Love it or hate it. Baby bangs are 2019%27s hottest hair trend

The reason why it’s so popular this year is because we’ve spotted it ruling all the runways of recent fashion shows. Celebrities chopping their bangs into baby bangs are further proof of this. When they do suit someone like Emma Watson or Bella Hadid, Baby Bangs definitely look edgy and trendy. But let’s face it, for the majority of us it is quite a controversial choice.

Love it or hate it. Baby bangs are 2019%27s hottest hair trend

So the question is should you take the plunge or not? We cannot give a straight answer, because it also depends on your face shape and your hair stylist. According to experts Baby Bangs mostly suit people with heart-shaped faces.

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