5 Reasons Why You Need To Add Honey To Your Hair Care Routine Asap

Written by Nida SayyedAug 18, 2022
 5 reasons why you need to add honey to your hair care routine ASAP

Honey has been a dry skin favourite for decades. Ask any dry skin beauty about her favourite DIY mask and it has to include honey! But, did you know, besides skincare benefits, honey can also do wonders for your hair? We’re listing down five reasons why you NEED this sweet elixir in your hair care regimen.


01. Antioxidant properties

Healing properties

Honey is chockfull of antioxidant properties. Antioxidant properties help fight bacteria germs on the scalp. This not only clears all the harmful bacteria trapped in your hair but also combats any potential infections. With the bacteria and germs washed away, you also get rid of any possible odour.


02. Emollient in nature

Healing properties

The benefits of honey are endless. Honey is also emollient which adds shine and polish to the hair. It instantly gives life to dull and tired-looking hair and makes your hair feel and look softer. By moisturising and sealing in the shine, honey can help restore the natural sheen in your hair.


03. Powerful humectant

Healing properties

Apart from being emollient, honey is also a great natural humectant. This means that it traps water molecules in the cells and keeps hair healthy. This not only makes the scalp healthy but also the lengths of the hair. From the root to the tip, honey ensures that your hair is softer and healthier.


04. Anti-inflammatory

Healing properties

We all know about the soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits of honey. This calms down any itchiness on the scalp and prevents dandruff or infections. Inflammation doesn't just cause dandruff or any probable skin irritation but it affects our mood as a whole. Further, with less disturbance or scratching, your scalp and hair health tends to improve.


05. Healing properties

Healing properties

Honey is rich in healing properties. Studies proved that honey promotes the growth of epithelial cells. Our scalp is full of epithelial cells that make up hair follicles and ducts. Hence it's important to have healthy epithelial cells for hair growth. There are multiple ways to use honey topically as a part of hair care. However, if its consistency and stickiness make it difficult to use raw, try using hair care products enriched with the goodness of honey. Check out the Dove Healthy Ritual Strengthening Shampoo for Weak Hair. It’s not only full of benefits from honey but also oat milk to give you strong hair. This shampoo effectively reduces hair loss, hair breakage and dryness. We love it!

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