Here’s why you need to add Pracaxi oil to your hair care routine ASAP

Written by Urvi DalalApr 06, 2020

For us desi people, a hair care routine without the good ol’ champi is incomplete. Overnight oiling seems like an answer to most of our hair woes, be it hair fall or dry hair. Speaking of dry hair, we just came across an amazing hair oil that will change your hair game forever – Pracaxi oil.

This oil is extremely rich in vitamins and nutrients and helps transform dry, frizzy and dull hair by leaving them super nourished and healthy. Sounds like something you need in your life, right?

Ahead, a detailed list of all the reasons why everyone with dull, dry and coarse hair needs to get their hands on this oil ASAP…

Acts as a deep conditioner

Pracaxi oil is brimming with fatty acids and other moisturising ingredients, which is why it is also sometimes called a ‘conditioning miracle.’ The hydrating properties of oil work on really thick, coarse and curly hair to make them softer and more manageable.

Enhances shine

Wanna add life to your dull and dry tresses? Look no further. Pracaxi oil has excellent smoothing properties that will add shine to your lifeless mane. Massage your scalp with a few drops of this hair oil to majorly improve hair elasticity, make them softer and easier to comb.

Is a great way to treat dandruff

Tried everything to get rid of pesky dandruff but to no avail? Enter: Praxaci oil. Pracaxi oil contains lignoceric acid that works overtime to heal, repair and moisturise a dry and flaky scalp. Additionally, it forms a protective layer on the scalp to prevent dandruff from coming back.

Promotes faster hair growth

Using Pracaxi oil to massage your scalp daily helps stimulate dormant hair follicles, improve blood circulation and promote faster hair growth. Since this hair oil is so hydrating and nourishing, it restricts hair fall and prevents hair from breakage.

Prevents and repairs hair damage

Thanks to the harmful rays of the sun combined with dirt, pollution, heat styling and chemicals from our hair products, our hair gets really damaged. But the rich source of fatty acids in pracaxi oil deeply penetrates the hair shaft, repair the damage and revive and rejuvenate your hair.