The perfect hairstyle for a saree is made up of two things - it should suit the dressy nature of the drape and not distract from the saree itself. Which is easier said than done, as different kinds of sarees need different styles to match them - for instance, a heavy Kamjeevaram will look better with a minimal bun or braid in order to keep the ensemble balanced. Saree hairstyles are also a fun break from everyday casual hairdos, a dream for anyone obsessed with pulling off complicated hairstyles and trying new things with their look!

Your favourite celebrities are no different! The saree is one of the best OOTD (Outfit of the day) posts these fashionistas love to post. From Deepika Padukone to Kriti Sanon, these lovely ladies love their sarees and with it, some beautiful hairdos to match. And if you are looking for some chic hairstyles to match your saree, let these celebs show you how it’s done - here are 11 celebrity-approved Indian hairstyles for sarees - and how to do them!


1. Gajra Bun

Gajra Bun

Image courtesy: @bbhiral

The gajra bun is one of the most popular Indian hairstyles for sarees. This hair accessory is classic, adds an enticing fragrance to your hair and looks fabulous with floral and beaded sarees alike. It also happens to be the go-to hairdo for Sonam Kapoor Ahuja and her Bollywood-Esque ensembles - here’s a step by step guide to recreate this look:

Step 01: Brush out all your hair and take a centre partition only till the crown of your head. Spritz some frizz-controlling hairspray on your brush to flatten the flyaways and achieve the sleek look of Sonam’s bun.

Step 02: Put the rest of the hair in a neat, clean bun by twisting it in a spiral motion. Secure with a thin hair tie, don’t worry about cleaning it up too much as the gajra comes next and will hide any loose ends. Use bobby pins to secure your gajra in place

Step 03: Add the final touch with a classic hair chain that hooks onto your earrings and watch the compliments flow!


2. Half up half down

Half up half down

Image courtesy: @menonnikita

Half up half down hairstyles are versatile because they go with both Indian and western ensembles. Shraddha Kapoor paired her lovely green outfit with the hairstyle and added an Indian twist to it - here’s a step by step guide to recreate this look:

Step 01: Prep your hair with some heat protectant spray and hydrating mousse; add some soft waves at the ends to add extra body.

Step 02: With a partial centre part, gather your hair in a half-up bun, let some tendrils loose by your ear. Make sure to backcomb on the crown to add a slight pouffe on top!

Step 03: Finish by adding your favourite accessories to the bun, a slender gajra or quirky pin will do the trick!


3. Sleek and smart

Sleek and smart

Image courtesy: @hairbymegha

Smart cotton and khadi sarees demand equally sleek-looking hairdos that keep things low-key chic. Sai Tamhankar’s naturally thick and long tresses make this hairdo shine and here’s how you can recreate it for yourself. If you don’t have the right length for it, this look can be done with clip-in extensions.

Step 01: Prep your tresses with a heat protectant spray and a shine serum to add some dramatic gloss to them.

Step 02: Gather your hair in a low ponytail, secure with a clear hair tie and wrap a strand of hair around the base to conceal the hair tie.

Step 03: With a curling iron, or a hair straightener, add tight waves to the ponytail. If you are using hair extensions, make sure you have them put in before tying the ponytail.


4. Side wrap bun

Side wrap bun

Karisma Kapoor’s wardrobe of silk sarees is often paired with equally pretty hairdos! This mismatched, low bun with a deep part on one side, and French braided on the other, gives the ensemble a youthful twist. Here's how you can recreate it:

Step 01: Separate your mane in a deep side part, comb out the larger side and secure with a pin near the nape of your neck.

Step 02: On the smaller section, collect the hair in a French braid and pin near the nape as well.

Step 03: Secure the rest of your hair in a simple low bun to complete the look.


5. Pretty halo braids

Pretty halo braids

Image courtesy: @chettiarqueensly

When it comes to medium-length hairstyles, Karishma Tanna’s pretty fishtail braid crown is an easy-to-do look to recreate, and here’s how you can do it.

Step 01: Prep your hair with a heat protectant spray and texturising cream to add volume to your tresses.

Step 02: Work some beachy waves into your hair with the help of a straightener and some light-hold hair spray.

Step 03: Add two fishtail braids on each side and secure them just below the crown of your head in a casual knot.


6. Side fishtail braid

Side fishtail braid

Image courtesy: @raashikhannaoffl

A hairstyle that is always trending for the festive season, Raashi Khanna’s fishtail side braid will look so good with Banarasi and brocade sarees. Here’s how you can recreate it easily:

Step 01: Take a side parting and take all the hair to one side, secure in a loose ponytail with a rubber band to keep your hair in place.

Step 02: Follow this simple tutorial to make your fishtail braid without any fuss or loose ends. Make sure to leave some loose tendrils undone in the front and add soft waves to them.

Step 03: Once you are done, cut off the first rubber band hold and blend your ponytail with the rest of your hair.


7. Wavy low ponytail

Wavy low pony

Image courtesy: @floranhurel

One of the few acceptable ways to wear a low ponytail with a saree, Anushka Sharma’s wavy version is a dressier twist on the comparatively casual hairstyle. Here’s how you can easily recreate it:

Step 01: Prep your hair with heat protectant spray and texturising spray to keep it lightweight and wispy.

Step 02: Add soft waves from mid-lengths to the ends and back-comb at the top of the crown.

Step 03: Secure the hair in a low ponytail with a rubber band and add two bobby pins under the ponytail in a reverse tuck to give a little lift.


8. Casual voluminous updo

Casual voluminous updo

Image courtesy: @bhavyaarora

If you are rocking cropped bangs or any kind of a layered haircut, this desi-casual style from Lisa Ray is best suited for your hair. Here’s how you can recreate the look:

Step 01: Prep your hair with an anti-frizz serum and brush it out.

Step 02: Collect all of your hair in a voluminous bun and secure it with a hair tie. Use bobby pins to tie up any loose ends, but don’t clean up the look too much- this look’s charm lies in its messiness!


9. Chic double buns

Chic double buns

Image courtesy: @anuradha.raman8193

Why settle for one bun when you can get two cute baby buns instead! Kirti Kulhari’s quickie hairdo paired with the silk saree is a sight for sore eyes and here’s is how you can recreate it:

Step 01: Prep your hair with nourishing hair cream to keep any unwanted frizzing at bay.

Step 02: Do a deep side partition with the larger part secured in a low bun. Follow this up with the smaller part secured in a smaller bun stacked diagonally on top of the lower bun.

Step 03: Add bobby pins to keep the buns in place and finish with some hairspray.


10. Chunky ringlet curls

Chunky ringlet curls

Image courtesy: @kajalaggarwalofficial

As much as we love a nice updo with a saree, leaving our hair loose still remains one of our personal favourite styles. Kajal Aggarwal’s soft ringlet curls are a welcome upgrade and here’s how to recreate the look

Step 01: Prep your hair with a heat protectant spray and a volumizing cream that will give you bouncy curls.

Step 02: With a curling iron, add soft curls from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair. Once done, shake your tresses loose and run your fingers through the lengths to soften the curls. Touch-up with a hydrating mist to keep the curls looking shiny through the day!


11. Classic braid

Classic braid

Image courtesy: @samanthaprabhuoffl

If you have to get ready in a rush, which happens to be most of the time for us, the classic braid is a good hairstyle to go with a saree. Samantha Akkineni’s front puff braid is adorable and here’s how you can recreate it:

Step 01: Start by brushing all your hair down your back and spritz some medium-hold hairspray all over your hair.

Step 02: Starting from the top of your head, do a loose french braid all the way to the bottom. Make sure to tug light with a gentle hand to keep the hairstyle looking fluffy.

Step 03: Secure with a hair tie at the end and you are done!


FAQs about hairstyle for saree

FAQs about hairstyle for saree

Image courtesy: sangeetahairartist

Q. How do I choose my wedding hairstyle?

A. There are five ways to make sure you choose the best wedding hairstyle - coordinate with your outfit (saree/lehenga), look at multiple styles before setting down on one, show off your best features, go for long hair lengths (extensions) and pick an attractive headpiece to bring everything together.

Q. How can I do Indian hairstyles on short hair?

A. Contrary to popular belief, short hair can pull off Indian hairstyles equally well as long hair. You can use hair extensions to add some length or use clip-on buns and bangs to add extra body to your mane. If all else fails, just use some lovely Indian hair accessories and call it a day!

Main images courtesy: @deepikapadukone, @kritisanon and @sheetal_f_khan