Over the years, you may have finally found the answer to how often you should wash your hair (or maybe not). Whatever you have decided upon, one thing is for sure - you’ve got to wash it eventually. That takes us to another question that has been doing the rounds these days — what is the best time to wash your hair?

TBH, we never thought that the time of day could make a difference in our hair wash routine. But guess what, some experts believe washing your hair at night can actually be quite beneficial for your tresses, while others think that doing it in the morning can protect it from damage. Umm… yes, we know that doesn’t answer your question. So, to help you pick a time of day that’s most beneficial for you, we’ve listed down the benefits of washing your hair during the day and night.


Shampooing at night

Shampooing at night

  • More time to air dry

Washing your hair at night gives it more time to dry naturally, which is great for the health of your scalp and hair. Exposing your hair to the highest heat setting of your hairdryer when you’re in a hurry can cause severe damage.

  • Saves time

One of the biggest reasons why most people prefer to wash their hair at night is because it saves time in the morning and allows you to sleep a little extra. We think that’s a good enough reason, right?


Shampooing in the morning

Shampooing in the morning

  • Does not trap moisture

Going to bed before your hair has dried completely can lead to scalp infections and dandruff. It encourages the growth of microbes that can even cause irritation and flakes.

  • Beneficial for all hair types

Washing your hair at night may work for some people but those with fine hair or oily/greasy scalp may develop a lot of oil overnight, leaving the hair looking limp and weighed down come morning.

Still confused? Try this instead…

Most people have a set routine when it comes to washing their hair. But mixing it up on some occasions can actually be quite beneficial for your tresses. If you wash your hair thrice a week, do so twice in the morning and once at night for best results.