Beauty and fashion rules dictate that to look good it is imperative to have well groomed hair. There are several ways to get good-looking hair and blow-drying hair tops that list for many. But have you ever wondered how often can you blow-dry your hair or what you should do to protect it? LRT offers you a few hair care tips especially about blow-drying hair.
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Understanding the principle behind blow-drying hair
Blow-drying hair dries the water that is on wet hair, but along with that, it also dries up the water that hydrates the hair and gives it moisture. Once hair loses all its moisture and oils, it also loses it natural shape, thus allowing you to style your hair. What this also does is causes hair cuticles to become dry and brittle, and also damage the outermost layers of hair strands that protect the hair.  All this can make cuticles crack with even a little pressure. When you go thru day to day with cuticles that are so brittle, every little thing you do, like combing your hair, can make your hair break.

The actual solution is to not blow-dry hair. But that is easier said than done!! All of us with wavy, curly, frizzy, unruly hair would never be able to stick to this solution. So what else can be done to save your hair yet make it look good?

Best way to blow dry hair

1. To begin:
Before blow-drying your hair, it is recommended to first let your hair dry as much as possible wrapped in a microfiber towel. This will absorb a lot of the excess water and lessen hair frizz, thus reducing drying time as well as the amount of heat required to dry hair.

2. Heat protectant sprays and serums:
Always apply a good heat protector spray or serum on your hair before blow-drying it. You can also use a leave-in conditioner with glycerin or propylene glycol. Such products protect the hair from losing all its moisture thus saving it a little bit at least from breakage.

3. Actual act of blow-drying:
If you are only trying to dry hair and not really style it, then keep the hair drier in the coolest setting and use that to dry your hair whilst moving the drier continuously all over your hair. Don't concentrate too much in any one part.

If you are trying to style your hair, then you will need some heat. Try to get the job done in as low heat as possible, from medium to low heat. Keep the drier 6 to 8 inches away from hair and systematically go thru each section with a paddle brush or a round brush. The best thing you can do to your hair is to avoid the high heat setting as much as possible.

How often should you blow-dry your hair?
Well, since it is understood that blow-drying often is not very good for your hair, it is best to do it few and far in between. Try different styles, like tying your hair up, braiding it, using accessories and more to reduce the need to blow-dry. But because everyone's needs preferences are different, once you blow-dry your hair try to keep it for a few days at least. If your scalp gets oily then use a dry shampoo to clean it so your need to wash and again blow dry your hair reduces. Preferably blow-dry your hair (especially if doing it with heat) around once a week if that is the only look you prefer. 

How often do you blow-dry your hair and what do you do to protect it? Write in to us and let us know.

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