If you love your long hair and don’t wish to chop it off just because it’s hot and humid for a few months, we get it. Come summer, and you start looking for hairstyles that will keep the hair off your face and neck. Ponytails, braids and buns are some go-to hairstyles that girls with long hair prefer, and you can opt for them too. While they will save your hair from becoming a sweaty mess in summer, do you really want to just stick to the basics?

How about we help you take things a notch higher this season? Instead of a regular top knot or messy buns, go for the braided space buns hairstyle. It is super easy, trendy AF and was also spotted as a major trend during the Lakmé Fashion Week. Here’s how to get it right.

How to ace the braided space bun hairstyle in a few easy steps

Image source: @stealherstyle.net

Step 01: Begin by parting your hair at the centre to get two equal sections of hair on each side.

Step 02: You can use the top half section of hair from each side to get a half-up half-down braided hairstyle or use it all for a clean and sleek look. Gather each section on top and secure it with a hair tie to make two pigtails.

Step 03: Now, braid each pigtail into a classic three-strand braid. Go all the way down and use another hair tie to secure it.

Step 04: Next, coil this braid at the base, keep it loose and messy or tight and clean; the choice is yours. Secure with some bobby pins.

Step 05: You can leave it at that or add some fun accessories for that perfect summer hairstyle. Add some hairpins or tie a scarf around it, and voila! You’re done.

Main image courtesy: @lakmesfashionwk