Break Out Of The Monotonous Hair Rut By Giving These Hairstyling Tips A Try

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Break out of the monotonous hair rut by giving these hairstyling tips a try

Do you never experiment with your haircut? Have you been reaching for the same hair colour for years now? Does your hair look the same that it did five years ago? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then most likely, you have gotten yourself stuck in a hair rut.

This is when you need to break out of the viscous circle of hair monotony and give your hair a new lease of life. To help you do so, we have curated a list of fun ways to help you upgrade your hair game and slay!


Short hair don’t care

Braid it

Sure, all of us love long hair, but having a similar hair length over the years can becoming boring after a point. If you have had long hair for some years now, it’s time to make a change. So the next time you go for a haircut, go short! Flaunt short hair as it is not only cooler, but also easy to manage and style.


Try a new hair colour

Braid it

If cutting your hair short sounds blasphemous then keep the hair length, but experiment by changing your hair colour. Colouring your hair not only adds some extra oomph to your look, but is an easy way to break the monotony of your natural hair colour.


Get them bangs

Braid it

Getting bangs is the perfect way to change your look and break out of a monotonous hair rut. Baby bangs, side bangs or the classic fringe, there’s no dearth of options from which to pick your next super-cool haircut.


Hair accessories

Braid it

For a simple change that can have a big impact, try hair accessories. You can pick from headbands, bejewelled bobby pins, scarves, cute ponytail holders or colourful barrettes; there is something extremely refreshing about incorporating hair accessories to your styling routine. The best part being, that this solution is temporary.


Braid it

Braid it

Braided hairstyles are all the rage right now. Braids are the perfect way to style your hair during monsoon as they give you a break from your usual go-to hairstyles. Braids have the potential to look extremely chic and anything but boring if styled correctly. The best part is that a braided hairstyle can look amazing irrespective of the hair length. There is a braid for every hair length after all!

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