Colouring your hair can damage it and oiling coloured hair can strip away the colour. How true do you think these are? What if we tell you that none of the above is true?

Whether you’re looking to cover those pesky greys or want to experiment with a new hair colour, there are several myths floating around which need to be busted right away. Read on if you’ve ever believed any such hair colouring myths.

stop believing these 5 hair colouring myths

Myth 1: Colouring strips away hair density

Reality: Contrary to the belief that hair colouring strips away volume, it actually makes individual strands appear thicker and fuller. The lightening agents used to colour your hair tend to make the cuticle swell so it is easier for the colour to stick.

stop believing these 5 hair colouring myths

Myth 2: Oiling your hair makes the colour fade

Reality: Do not tamper with your hair oiling sessions as oiling can do no harm ever. Instead, it’ll only add shine and help highlight your hair colour. This way, your newly coloured hair will look healthy as well as glossy.

stop believing these 5 hair colouring myths

Myth 3: Wash your hair before colouring them

Reality: Apply colour to hair that has been washed 24-48 hours before. Hair colour contains chemicals and the natural oils that build up in the scalp will only protect it from the harsh effects of the chemicals. So, it is wiser to not colour your hair immediately after you’ve washed it.

stop believing these 5 hair colouring myths

Myth 4: It’s okay to use a regular shampoo for colour-treated hair

Reality: To prevent your hair colour from fading fast and to help restore shine and moisture, it’s best to invest in shampoos that are specially formulated for colour-treated hair. This will help you save money in the long run.

stop believing these 5 hair colouring myths

Myth 5: If you colour your hair once, you have to keep colouring it

Reality: This is not true at all! Recolouring your hair is entirely your choice. Colouring your hair does not mean that you can never have its natural colour back. If you’re using high quality hair colour, then just go ahead and experiment to your heart’s content.