When it comes to classic hairstyles, braids will always be the go-to look for most women. They are versatile, low-maintenance and effortlessly cool. But today we are not talking about regular braids. One of the most popular styles for Afro hair--cornrows have become a celebrity favourite! We’ve spotted these raised braids on the red carpet, runways as well as at movie promotions and we are in love to say the least!

If you’ve always thought cornrows are not achievable, think again because we’re about to show you some really easy and elegant cornrow hairstyles that will elevate any look. The best part is these can also be worn to festive parties and weddings!

5 cornrow hairstyles to try festive season

Festive cornrow bun

To talk about trends in the beauty world and not mention Sonam Kapoor is absurd. The OG style queen and beauty inspiration for millions, Sonam shows how cornrow braids and traditional outfits are a match made in heaven. This simple yet sophisticated cornrow bun hairstyle is super easy to achieve.

5 cornrow hairstyles to try festive season

Two cornrow braid

Two cornrow braids, also known as boxer braids are usually seen as an athleisure hairstyle. But we’re taking cues from Janhvi Kapoor who has paired it with her festive outfit and looks ravishing. Simply section your hair at the centre and start braiding your hair from the crown area all the way towards the end to get this look.

5 cornrow hairstyles to try festive season

High pony cornrow

The high ponytail is a go-to hairstyle for most of us in our day-to-day life, but adding a little twist to it never hurt anyone. Since cornrows are trending, how about three, four or five sections of cornrows held together in a high ponytail? We immediately fell in love with Soha’s look and are surely trying it this upcoming festive season.

5 cornrow hairstyles to try festive season

Hoop accent jewellery cornrow

Have curly hair? We have something in store for you too! Hair accessories such as these hoops are big in 2019. Create a deep part on either side and make a cornrow braid, add hoop accent jewellery and take the hair look several notches higher. Let your hair hang loose on the other side.

5 cornrow hairstyles to try festive season

Upside down one sided cornrow

If you’ve mastered the art of braiding and upside down braiding, you might want to try this look. It is not the simplest of cornrow hairstyles, but look how great it looks! If you are a bridesmaid or bride-to-be you can show this to your hairstylist.