Dealing With Dandruff? Add These Foods To Your Diet, Stat!

Written by Chandni GhoshJul 28, 2015
One of the greatest problems that come with the monsoons is the dreaded dandruff issue. The moist weather can cause the scalp to become itchy due to excessive sweat and grime settling in thereby causing dandruff. The best solution to bid dandruff goodbye is by eating the right foods that internally help your scalp and hair become healthy. Want to know which ones these are? Read on.

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We love chickpea because they make for great salads, hummus and dishes. But did you know that they can help you fight dandruff to a great extent? Chickpeas are loaded with the essential nutrient, zinc! This soothes your scalp from the outside by slowing down the rapid turnover of skin cells, which cause flaking. So get your zinc intake by eating chickpeas—afterall, who could say not to some cholay bhaturey in the monsoon, hmm?

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Papaya contains papain, which is actually an enzyme that can control the excess buildup of oil and chemicals on your scalp—something that is a major cause of dandruff. So we suggest you include papayas in your diet if you’re fed up of dandruff problems.

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Garlic can be a great way to combat dandruff as it contains a high concentration of allicin. This has anti-fungal properties that clears scalp infections and gives you healthy scalp and hair. So bid adieu to dandruff by including garlic in your foods.

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Ginger has several benefits, one of them being fighting dandruff. Many of us suffer from improper digestion because of which we may have excessive dandruff problems. Ginger helps this problem by improving your digestive system. Ginger also has anti- inflammatory properties and stimulates hair growth due its content of magnesium and potassium.

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