The term dry shampoo has certainly made its mark in the hot-topic realm. Whether it’s a salon product or you go the convenient-route and rub in some talc, there’s no denying that this miracle worker is a life-saver.
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Whether it’s right after the gym or before a Friday night out, dry shampoo has certainly saved your hair the trauma of washing and re-washing. But what if you run out of your favourite product when you really need it?  Talcum powder we hear you say? But here’s the hiccup: for our blonder and lighter-haired sisters up west, there is no complaint whatsoever when it comes to this magic stuff. However, closer home where our hair is a whole lot thicker and darker the pixie-dust leaves its mark making our mane a little grey and not quite as lusty. But don’t set your worry-brows in action so quick, my darling readers, we’ve got you a solution and it’s simple as simple can be!

Blend two parts of araru/araruta (arrowroot powder) with one part cocoa powder, if your hair is very dark then you can double up on the cocoa powder and there you go! The next time you need to wash and don’t have your dry shampoo at hand, dust a dose of this goodie and your date for the night will be your silky, smooth mane.  It will also leave your hair smelling good enough to eat!