Easy Diy Hair Styles For Your Tresses

Written by Girija NaiksatamAug 26, 2016
At BeBEAUTIFUL we’re always looking for cute, casual and easy hairstyles to pretty up our tresses, even on a time-crunch. This season, we’re crushing on too many relaxed hairstyles for long hair and here are a few of our favourites…
Old school charm

Make a side parting in your hair and secure one part tightly to the top of your head. Leave a section of your hair from the centre untouched and pull the rest of your hair behind creating a poof at the top of your hair. Pin the two sections across each other. Twist the strands that are left into a coil to form a flower. Secure the flower in place with a U pin. Let the rest of your hair be loose, you can wet it and scrunch it if you want a few waves. Next, take the front part of your hair, straighten it out with an iron and let it fall.
Accessorise with: Vintage earrings

Start plaiting one section and have it go around the bottom of your hair to join the other section. Incorporate the other section into your braid and braid it all the way to the end. Flatten out the braid to add more volume. Take the front part of your hair, poof it up and pin it to one side.
Accessorise with: A statement necklace

With these two hair-styles under your belt, you can start making small variations and creating a bank of styles that you can quickly and effortlessly whip out for any occasion and come out looking stylishly riveting.  

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