3 Easy Breezy Summer Hairstyles That Won’t Give You ‘Hair-Ache’

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
3 Easy breezy summer hairstyles that won’t give you ‘hair-ache’

Keeping your hair tied up all summer long is not the only option for girls with long tresses. Tying your hair constantly in braids or ponytails can cause hair fall due to the tension in the hair and this may lead to a mild headache, or hair-ache! We’ve picked some summer perfect hairstyles that keep your hair away from you neck and won’t leave you with a headache. Read on to know more...


Loose messy braid

No drama low ponytail

The fact that braids keep your hair off your face and neck makes it a go-to hairdo for summers. While a tightly weaved braid can get uncomfortable after a while, a loose messy braid would be comfy and perfect for those hot days. Wear it to one side for added fun!


Chic Double buns

No drama low ponytail

Wearing double space buns distributes the pull of the hair and is as easy on your scalp as it is on the eyes. Part your hair in middle and wrap both sections into two loose buns. Low or high is your choice. Just remember to keep it relaxed. Pin to keep it place and you’re good to go!


No drama low ponytail

No drama low ponytail

Ariana Grande recently confessed that her signature high ponytail gives her headaches but you don’t want that! A low ponytail is classy and chic and won’t be heavy on your head. Use a scrunchie or a claw clip in place of hair ties to hold the pony.

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