In case you haven’t noticed already, the sky-high ponytail seems to be the new favourite hairstyle among celebrities. This glamorous version of the classic ponytail has made its way to the red carpet, TV shows and other glitzy events. Right from Ariana Grande to Kim Kardashian, the sleek sky-high ponytail can be spotted everywhere right now. This chic and stylish hairstyle is easier to do than it looks. Don’t believe us? Look at the steps below.

Sky-high ponytail

Step 1: Ensure that your hair is completely dry. The sky-high ponytail works better on a day or two unwashed hair.

Step 2: Instead of a setting spray, spritz some shine spray such as the Toni&Guy Finishing Shine Spray all over and run your fingers from roots to end.

Step 3: Now blow dry your hair using a brush to remove any bumps or knots.

Sky-high ponytail using a trusted hair

Step 4: Gather hair at the back and tie it into a sky-high ponytail using a trusted hair tie that will keep your ponytail secure. Try to align it with your cheekbones diagonally.

Secure your ponytail tight

Step 5: If you notice any short hair or flyaways spray some hair spray on an old toothbrush and tame them.

Pro tip: If you’re unsure, use two hair ties to secure your ponytail tight.