When the rains come around, your hair is the first to get affected. While there are always the multiple hair washes and herbal treatments available, here are five simple ways to keep your hair happy from July till September…
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Pamper it
Rains can be harsh on your hair so give it all the pampering it needs. Indulge in some hot oil massages once a week to give your scalp the deep conditioning and nourishment it’s so in need of. All the impurities that the rains bring down with them will lodge themselves on your scalp making it itchy and flaky. A hot massage followed by a shower will ensure that your scalp is kept clean, dry and nourished.

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Trim it
If you’ve been putting off getting a trim for a while, now would be a good time. Ideally, you should be getting a trim once every month or every month and a half to keep those split ends away. Seeing as how the monsoons are trying times for your hair, keeping it short and well groomed is the right way to go. Plus, with the frequent showers you’ll be taking, it’ll only serve good purpose.

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Wash it
It might seem like we should avoid taking too many showers in the monsoon because we might catch a nasty cold and throat and nose infections are already in the air, but that’s the opposite of what you should do. Every time you get your hair wet, you need to wash the dirt and grime off your scalp as soon as you get home to keep it from catching infections and getting itchy and flaky (resulting in dandruff.) Instead, dry it well and cover yourself so that you don’t catch a viral infection.

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Shelve the heat styling tools
Monsoons are a good time to give your hair a break from all the heat styling and just wear it au naturel. Even if you do decide to style your hair, with the moisture levels so high, you’re going to lose your stylized curls in no time. Plus, how difficult do you think it’s going to be for your hair with the weather being so wet outside and you trying to force heat into your hair? Such an unwelcome contrast.

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Eat well
Just like your skin, your hair too responds to what’s being put into your body. There’s no controlling the external factors that your hair will have to deal with but you can keep a check on your diet by including more fresh fruits, greens in salads, liquids in the form of plenty of water, juices or coconut water in your diet. It might be the weather for chai and pakodas and while we don’t debate that, we’d suggesting balancing your greasy food binge with a bowl of salad.