When it comes to haircare, we’ve done our fair share of experimenting with different kinds of oils, massages, Ayurvedic pastes and the like. Little did we know that some of the best remedies and quick fixes were lying in our kitchen all this while! From our latest discoveries, here are five such surprising foods that you can incorporate in your haircare routine.

5 fruits and veggies for your hair care onion juice 430x550

What: Onion Juice
How to use: Slice onions into small pieces, use a juicer or a muslin cloth to squeeze the juice.
Why to use: Since onions have a very high sulphur content that increases the blood circulation to your hair, they help your hair grow much faster. Since it is also an anti-bacterial agent, onion juice will also treat scalp infections, inflammations and open up blocked hair follicles in order to make your hair stronger.

5 fruits and veggies for your hair care eggs 430x550

What: Eggs
How to use: Mix together egg whites, honey and olive oil and apply it on your hair for about half an hour.
Why to use: The powerhouse of proteins (and hence, often a must even for vegetarians) eggs are critical for the formation of new hair. Apart from their super high nutrient value, they are also a rich source of sulphur, which induces hair growth, and zinc, a lack of which is known to lead to hair loss.

5 fruits and veggies for your hair care amla 430x550

What: Amla
How to use: Amla powder (readymade or made from dried amla) mixed with water can be applied to the hair.
Why to use: One of the oldest known hair remedies today, Amla with its rich Vitamin C content is known to be a cure for dandruff and a flaky scalp. It also scores high on its essential fatty acids content, which helps strengthen hair follicles and in turn nourish your hair.

5 fruits and veggies for your hair care potato juice 430x550

What: Potato Juice
How to use: Grind a few raw potatoes, extract the juice and apply it on your hair and scalp.
Why to use: While your diet might not be permitting potatoes thanks to their carbs, you can definitely use it to pump up the growth of your hair. Potato juice is loaded with Vitamins – A, B and C – the deficiency of which will cause your hair to get brittle and fall.

5 fruits and veggies for your hair care coconut milk 430x550

What: Coconut Milk
How to use: Grate a coconut, then place the grated portion in a muslin cloth and extract the coconut milk.
Why to use: A common remedy for dry hair, coconut milk is considered to be a super-moisturising agent. When massaged into the scalp (with or without almond/coconut oil) it nourishes your hair from the root to the tip stimulating growth. It can also be used instead of a conditioner to de-tangle your tresses and give them a natural shine.