Few things are more unflattering and uncomfortable than having you thick mane stick to your sweaty neck and face. Just as the rest of your wardrobe gets a much needed makeover, it’s time to revamp your hair to fit the breezy trend.
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Here are three in-season hair makeover ideas for stress-free styles:

The easy knotted pony-tail
For long working days when you just don’t want to bother with your hair, opt for the easy knotted pony-tail. All you need is a light holding styling mousse, a comb, an elastic hair-tie, and a large bobby pin.
Do-it-yourself: Apply the styling mousse to texturise and separate the hair over your shoulder in two pieces, then tie your hair into a simple knot, secure the two ends together using your hair-tie, you can secure it still further with a bobby pin, you can then back comb the pony for a little extra texture, and there you have the perfect knotted pony!

The braids of glory
The messy braid is not only ideal for the day but is a serious trend-setter for a night-out and wedding parties too.
Set your hair to rubber or velcro rollers and infuse it with copious amounts of mousse for extra volume before you side-part your hair into a fluffy, messy braid. You can also use a curling iron to get the texture.

The ballerina bun
Add a twist on things and make your bun a lot more fun this summer. With a ballerina bun, not only can you get your hair out of your face and up high, but you can also look simply adorable and elegant in your makeover! Ideal for brunch with friends or an office party.
Do-it-yourself: Flip your hair over and braid it from the base of your neck up to your crown and stop where you want to start your bun. When you reach the stopping point of the braid, tie it up with a clear elastic band, now gather all of your hair into a high-pony, make sure it is centred and tie it up with another clear elastic band. Next, tease your hair with a comb and pin up your hair into a classic bun and pop in a sparkly bow or ribbon where the braid meets the bun.