Styling your hair before hitting the gym not only makes you look good but also does the super functional job of keeping your hair off your face, neck, back ensuring that you don’t need to wash your hair every time you hit the gym. Here are a few easy hairdos to max that workout …

gym hairstyles high fishtail braid 430x550

High fishtail braid

Super comfortable and stylish, the ever favourite fishtail braid is popular at the gym too. It pulls the hair away from your face and is not just good for the gym but also perfect for outdoor workouts like cycling or running.

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gym hairstyles low bun 430x550

Tight low bun

Quick and easy to do, this hairstyle suits all hair lengths and workouts. Make it more interesting with a colourful bandana that’ll do double time by adding some colour and keep that brow sweat free.

gym hairstyles wrap ponytail 600x400

Wrap ponytail

Straight from the nineties, this is the best and easiest hairdo for whatever your workout of choice is. Except swimming of course in which case you’d have to wrap the ponytail in a bun before you put on your swimming cap.

gym hairstyles bunched ponytail 430x550

Bunched ponytail

Somewhere between ponytail and braid, this is the super stylish of all hairstyles for the gym. A few elastic bands down your mane and you have a chic and comfortable hairdo to flaunt while working out.

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gym hairstyles pig tails 600x400

Cute pig tails

Pigtails aren’t just for little girls! In fact, boxer girls pigtails are quite a trend and we approve. Enhance them with colourful elastic bands for a chic do.

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