90S Kids Rejoice! Here’s An Ode To The Hair Accessories That Ruled The 90S...

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
90s kids rejoice! Here’s an ode to the hair accessories that ruled the 90s...

90s kids rejoice! We are going to take you down the memory lane with hair tools and hair accessories that once ruled your dressing tables.

From helping you tame your tresses to holding hairstyles in place, hair tools and hair accessories are a blessing in every girl’s life. We have all at some point or the other reached out for hair accessories to give our mane a chic upgrade. Be it, the very basic snap clips or the more fancy Velcro rollers, we have unapologetically stocked our favourite tools and accessories and not once regretted it! Since then, hair accessories have come a long, long way, no doubt.

Here’s looking at some accessories that had our heart back in the 90s...


Comb barrettes

Claw clips

Comb barrettes started off as plastic combs that were used as hair accessories back in the 90s. However, today barrettes have got a whole new meaning, courtesy runway and red-carpet trends. These come in metal form and are studded with diamonds and beads that give a more elegant feel.


Spiral wave hairbands

Claw clips

While colourful bandanas and cute headbands have taken the beauty world by storm, spiral wave hairbands made for one of the cooler and fancier hair accessories at one point. These hairbands not just helped us keep our hair off our face but also created a cute style of its own.


Velcro rollers

Claw clips

Before tongs and curling irons became a thing, it was Velcro rollers that gave us those desirable curls. As much as we love our advanced hair tools today, let’s admit it, styling hair with these rollers made for a fun sesh!



Claw clips

If you are a 90s kid, then you probably remember styling your hair with colourful beads. These made for the chicest hair accessories to style dreadlocks or cornrow braids with


Claw clips

Claw clips

While the giant butterfly clips have now taken space in our drawers, do you remember hoarding on mini claw clips that were used to pull tiny strands of hair back? Yes, we do too! Especially the ones that were felt-covered and pastel in colour.  

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