5 Ways To Turn Your Fine, Flat Hair To Big, Bouncy Locks

Written by Fatema HabibJan 13, 2019

If you’ve got fine, thin hair and don’t know how to care for it in the harsh, dry winter months, we know that the struggle is real. The lifeless, non-bouncy look of your hair can get very frustrating. To help give your mane some oomph and inject the much-needed volume, we’ve got you five tricks that will definitely come in handy.

# Pick a lightweight conditioner

For nourished and healthy-looking hair, it’s important to condition after every wash. Use the Dove Rejuvenated Volume Conditioner that deeply nourishes and locks nutrients into hair. To attain maximum volume, apply the conditioner from ear level to the ends.

# Detangle

Tangles are not only annoying, but also, tends to damage your hair, making them limp and lifeless. Therefore, to avoid knotting up easily tangled hair, sleep wearing a protective hairstyle, such as a loose top-knot or a loose braid. Next, avoid products with alcohol as it makes your hair dry and get tangled easily. Another great way to avoid tangles is by keeping a brush handy. De-tangle on the go! While travelling, make sure to keep hair tied in a bun or a chignon.

# Tease your hair

You don’t want your hair to look dead, not on special occasions at least. On such days, you can resort to the good old-fashioned trick of teasing your hair to get that extra volume. Grab a rattail comb and separate hair away from the crown by 2-3 inches. Next, backcomb your hair gently, starting four inches from your scalp. Set it using a hairspray and then gently smoothen the top layer of your hair with a comb. And, you’re good to go!

# Go for a shorter hairstyle

While tackling with limp hair, it’s ideal to wear shorter hairstyles. Longer hair becomes heavier which in turn weighs the hair down from the roots, making it look thin, flat and shapeless. Shorter hairstyles will make limp hair look fuller for sure!

# Avoid playing with your hair

Break the habit of playing with your hair ASAP! The oil from your fingers gets transferred to your hair which makes them look greasy. Carry a comb with you so you don’t have to use your fingers for touch-ups.  

Image courtesy: Pinterest