Rainy days are over, and it’s time to bear the brunt of the harsh October heat *sigh* Is it summer all over again? Well, unfortunately YES! While the temperatures in the day-time are high, the nights are pretty pleasant and cool. But since we are out and about in the day, we obviously need to take some precautions to avoid letting the UV rays damage our hair.

Despite lugging an umbrella around, drinking enough water, eating healthy and applying lots of sunscreen, the October heat takes a serious toll on the health of our mane. To help you prepare your hair for the onslaught of the October heat, here’s everything you MUST do to protect your hair from getting sun damaged.

How to prepare your hair to survive the October heat

Swap warm water for cool water

Ditch warm water for a cold water hair rinse, especially to survive the October heat. Washing your hair with cold water makes it shinier, reduces frizz, eliminates dandruff, leaves you with a cleaner scalp and improves blood circulation. Don’t let the harsh sun strip moisture from your hair and make it dull and dry. You’ll be happy to know that rinsing your hair with cold water preserves the moisture it needs.

How to prepare your hair to survive the October heat

Stay away from heat-styling tools

Heat-styling tools are tempting to use, be it any season. They not only help style your tresses, but also keep them tamed and well-behaved. Well, the bad news is that adding more heat to your hair is only damaging it further… as if, the stubborn sun isn’t enough! We suggest you limit the use of heat-styling tools or banish them completely, especially during this month.

How to prepare your hair to survive the October heat

Loose hairstyles are a win-win

Pulling all your hair together in a tight ponytail or top-knot is a strict no-no. Allow your hair to breathe, especially when it is dry from the heat. Tighter hairstyles will only pull and tear your hair, thereby causing breakage and split ends. We suggest you style your hair in a loose braid or messy bun to keep it under control and to prevent it from damage.

How to prepare your hair to survive the October heat

Olive oil can be your hair’s best friend

Did you know massaging your hair with olive oil from the end to the roots when it is dry helps smoothen the hair follicles? It also adds shine to your mane, thereby making it look smoother and healthier. Apply olive oil regularly before going for a hair wash. Leave it on for an hour or so to see results.

How to prepare your hair to survive the October heat


Excessive exposure to the sun can leave your strands lacking moisture. Deep conditioning can be your best bet to combat the damage done by the harsh UV rays. A deep-conditioning treatment helps prevent split ends, reduces breakage, treats and repairs damaged hair and improves the overall health of your mane.

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