Haircuts are like sunglasses; to choose the one that's just right for you, you need to know your face shape and find the one that complements it best. The key is to find haircuts that flatter your face, accentuate your facial features to create a perfectly balanced look. How do you zero down on such a hairstyle, you ask? By asking the experts at the Lakmé Salon, of course! Being the very best in the world of hairstyling, this is what they had to say about the latest haircuts

Round Face

Round faces can pick a haircut with no defined layers that hit the jawline to create an elongated illusion. You can also opt for a long bob cut that conceals the collarbone and sits around your neckline. If you wish to go really short on your hair, you can go for a spiky layered look around the crown with length no further than your earlobes. BB Loves the Toni & Guy Moisturising Shine Spray to moisturise and give your ‘do ample shine!


Heart Face

With a wide forehead and a narrow chin, your heart shape face can carry long layers with full bangs or heavy fringes very well. You can even opt for sweeping bangs with uniform layers that reach no further than the collarbone for a balanced effect. BB Loves the Toni & Guy Glamour Serum Drops to cut out any frizz and leave your hair looking terrific!


Oval Face

Those blessed with an oval face shape can carry almost any haircut with utmost ease. However, an angular bob cut with chin hugging layers is a good way to play with a long face. You can even experiment with a sweeping side fringe and long tresses or you can simply bank on well blow-dried hair that sits on your shoulders. BB Loves the Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray for added texture and that effortless, lived in look.


Square Face

For square faces, a short layered bob cut with subtle bangs will strike the perfect balance. For a more refined feminine look, square face cuts can opt for sweeping bangs to soften the wide forehead and then use shoulder length layers that touch the cheekbone but skim the collarbone. BB Loves the Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum which will tame any flyaways and leave your tresses with an uber smooth shine!

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