Frizz. We all hate it. Don’t you worry, we know there’s a special place reserved in hell for whoever invented frizz. But for now, we need to tackle the problem of frizzy hair.

Now if you’ve been doting on your hair day in and day out, but the person staring back at you in the mirror still has a lion’s mane that does not seem to get better with time, we feel you. But maybe it is not about the products you are using, but rather your daily habits that are causing all this frizz. It could be something as simple as the way you dry your hair. Yes, there is a right way to dry your hair and it is definitely not the one you are currently using or you wouldn’t be here.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get it right:

Hair drying trick

Step 1: Cleanse your hair and scalp with your shampoo. Ensure the water temperature is lukewarm. Very hot water rips off natural oils from your hair and causes frizz.

Step 2: Apply conditioner on the shaft and ends of your hair; no matter what your hair type don’t skip this step.

Step 3: Remove excess water from your hair. After stepping out of the shower, use an old, clean cotton t-shirt to absorb excess water from your hair. Do not rub vigorously and do not use your regular towel.

Step 4: Soak all the excess water from your hair with the help of the t-shirt and allow your hair to air-dry.

Use this hair-drying trick on a regular basis and you’ll notice a change in your hair texture and appearance for sure.