4 Simple Hacks To Remove Hair Dye Stains From Your Face

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
4 simple hacks to remove hair dye stains from your face

Colouring your hair gives your locks a chic upgrade, no doubt. But that perfect colour looks good only on your hair, not on your hairline, neck, ears and fingertips, right? Confused about what we are talking about?

Dying your hair at home can be a life-saver. It is quick, cost-efficient and produces decent results. However, the downside is the incredibly high chances of it staining your skin and face. Even though hair dye stains may seem stubborn, all they need is a little careful rubbing with the right ingredients, and you’re good to go! Here are some hacks that’ll help remove hair dye stains from your skin instantly...


Take precautions

Colour removes colour

The best way to prevent hair dye from staining your skin and face is by applying a thin layer of Vaseline Original Pure Skin Jelly around your hairline and on the tops of your ears. Doing so will create a barrier between your dye and skin, thereby keeping those hair dye stains at bay. Another trick is to dye second-day hair instead of freshly washed hair. The natural oils that your scalp produces will act as a layer of protection against hairline stains. 


Face scrub to your rescue

Colour removes colour

If you see stains on your skin and face post your hair dye session, reach out for a gentle face scrub, such as the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Face Scrub immediately. Massaging the scrub over your stains will help loosen them. But remember that over-scrubbing could lead to skin irritation.


Makeup remover helps remove stains

Colour removes colour

To get rid of stubborn hair dye stains, your waterproof makeup remover can be of great help. It’s made for your face and is more gentle than nail polish remover and other alcohol-infused agents. Simply soak a cotton ball in your makeup remover and wipe off the stain from your skin. Wait for 5 minutes before rinsing with water.


Colour removes colour

Colour removes colour

This is one crazy trick but works wonders in helping you get rid of hair dye stains. If you have extra colour left in the bowl, then just apply it on the stained areas and it will actually help lift it when you wash the area with a face wash and rinse with water.

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