Max Out Your Hair Hydration With Deep Conditioners

Written by Lopa KJun 27, 2024
Max Out Your Hair Hydration with Deep Conditioners

Just like your body, your hair can get dehydrated too. If you don’t give it the water it needs, it can turn dry, brittle and frizzy. So, the question is: how to hydrate your hair? One of the best ways to infuse all the moisture and nutrients that your hair needs is via a good deep conditioner.  

Let’s get into the ABCs of deep conditioning hair to turn your locks soft and healthy. 

Hydration? I Hardly Know Her 

Hair hydration is super important to keep your hair healthy and strong. When you give your hair that extra boost of moisture in the form a hydrating hair mask, it will be less prone to breakage, less frizzy and easier to style. 

When our hair is well-hydrated, it’s more elastic which means it is less likely to break as the cuticles are healthy. This is when you notice that your hair looks naturally shiny and smooth to the touch. Hydrated hair is happy hair so start including a deep conditioner into your haircare routine. 

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Rolling in the Deep…Conditioner 

Okay, so what is deep conditioning, exactly? It is one of the ways to give your hair intense hydration and nourishment. You can do it in the form of a deep conditioning hair mask, a ready-made deep conditioner or by adding extra moisturising ingredients like aloe vera or olive oil to your usual conditioner. 

According to Dr. Yoram Harth, “[these] are thicker than ordinary conditioners. When applied to the hair, they stay put, so there is time for the formulas to deeply penetrate the hair shafts and fill in the gaps that develop on the damaged surface hair.” 

Does that mean a deep conditioner can help to reverse certain types of hair damage? Well, yes! Since it strengthens the hair and smoothens the cuticles, you end up with visibly healthier hair.  

The Latest Trends in Deep Conditioners 

Have you been scrolling for hours, looking for a good deep conditioner for dry hair or curly hair but the endless options just overwhelm you? Well, it can happen to the best of us if we don’t know what we are looking for. To make life simpler, we have a little something, something for everyone, all in one place! 

1. Dove 10 in 1 Deep Repair Treatment Hair Mask - Do you have damaged strands that seem irreparable? Then this repairing hair mask is what you need as it uses advanced technology to restore your hair’s former glory by hydrating and nourishing it. 

2. Dove 10 in 1 Shine Revive Treatment Hair Mask - Are you a hair colouring enthusiast or do you feel like your hair is super dull and limp? This mask is loaded with multivitamins that make your hair both shinier and bouncier. 

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3. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner - Keratin is one of the holy grails of haircare. But you don’t have to do a whole keratin treatment to witness its power. This conditioner does it for you with the help of keratin and argan oil which leaves you your hair frizz-free with a smooth finish. 

4. TRESemmé Moisture Boost Conditioner With Hyaluronic Acid is perfect for that instant moisture boost with the help of hyaluronic acid, a natural humectant that seals in moisture. And it doesn’t have any sulphates, the very chemical that can dry out hair. If you have dull and dry hair, this is perfect for you. 

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5. Dove Beautiful Curls Detangling Conditioner is for the curly hair girlies out there who just can’t find a good conditioner that checks all the boxes. This one is specially designed for you with the help of moisturising ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter that not only moisturises but also makes it super easy to detangle the even toughest knots. 

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6. Love Beauty & Planet Hydration Coconut Water & Mimosa Flower Paraben Free Volume and Bounty Conditioner - If you prefer organic and eco-friendly products, you have found your new BFF. It will give you hydrated and bouncy hair. This coconut water-based conditioner is free of harsh chemicals and instead uses natural ingredients like mimosa flowers for its fragrance. And the packaging is recyclable too!  

Home Remedies for DIY Girlies 

If love a DIY project, here are some quick and simple homemade hair masks that can be used as a deep conditioner for dry hair.  

1. Coconut Oil, Avocado & Banana 

Loaded with essential fatty acids and vitamins, coconut oil is a great ingredient to infuse moisture into severely dry and damaged hair. And then we have avocados which are brimming with vitamin B, which strengthens hair and prevents breakage by improving elasticity. Bananas, on the other hand, are full of potassium and natural oils. They provide deep nourishment to chemically processed and dry strands and also prevent split ends and breakage. 

  • Simply add one avocado, one ripe banana and two tablespoons of coconut oil in a blender. Blend it all together until it forms into a thick, smooth paste. 

  • Strain this mixture through a cheesecloth to get rid of any chunks and to allow the hair mask to spread more effectively. 

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2. Milk & Honey 

Milk is a rich source of protein that helps to repair damaged hair and adds some much-needed strength and shine. As for honey, it is a natural humectant that draws moisture from its surroundings and seals it into your hair.  

All you need to do is heat a cup of milk in a saucepan until it’s lukewarm and add a teaspoon of honey to make this conditioning treatment. 

3. Yoghurt & Olive Oil 

Yoghurt is a natural lactic acid source that helps nourish and moisturise dry strands. Adding olive oil makes this hair mask a really powerful and moisturising blend to get rid of dryness and add an incredible shine. 

Take about two tablespoons of unflavoured yoghurt and add a teaspoon of olive oil to it. Mix the two together to form a smooth mixture. 

An Easy Tutorial on Deep Conditioning Hair 

Whether you are using a hydrating hair mask or a deep conditioner, both are super easy to use. 

  • Start by shampooing and then squeezing out the excess water from your hair.  

  • Next, coat your hair with a deep conditioner or hair mask. Avoid your scalp and only focus from the mid-lengths to the ends. 

  • Distribute evenly by using your fingers or running a wide-tooth comb gently through your hair. 

  • Leave the mask or conditioner for around 5 minutes. But if you are using a DIY deep conditioner or homemade hair mask, you can keep it on for longer (about 20 to 30 minutes). 

  • Wash it out with lukewarm water. If you use a homemade hair mask, use a mild shampoo to get it all off. 


Here are some easy dos and don’ts to make sure you get the most out of your deep conditioning session: 

FAQs about Hair Hydration 

Q1. How to use aloe vera to hydrate hair? 

Aloe vera is quite easy to use, all you need to do is slice a leaf open and scoop out the gel. You can either apply it as is or mix it with your usual conditioner on your deep conditioner day. It is an extremely moisturising ingredient that is loaded with essential vitamins and nutrients, which help hydrate your locks and provide deep nourishment. 

Q2. Is too much hydration bad for hair? 

Too much hydration means there is moisture overload which is one of the main causes of frizziness. To check if your hair is over-moisturised, pull a hair strand. If it doesn't bounce back and your mane also happens to look limp in general, then your hair is likely over-moisturised.  

Q3. How does egg help hair hydration? 

Brimming with vitamins A, D, and E, along with other essential fatty acids as well as proteins, eggs are one of the best superfoods for hair. When used in a hair mask, egg whites help to really repair and condition your hair, thanks to their protein content and show a marked improvement in hair texture after just a few uses. 

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