Coconut Oil Is The Only Magic Potion Your Hair Needs

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Coconut oil is the only magic potion your hair needs

Over the years, coconut oil has found a lot of love and has become a staple ingredient in the hair and skincare routines of women around the world. For us, it all started with the childhood 'champi' sessions by our mothers or grandmothers. With one major difference... while we ran away from oil massages in our childhood days, now we run towards it! Whether you want to add a nourishing 'sheen' to your body lotion or give your hair a smoother and shinier finish, coconut oil is the magic potion your beauty routine needs.

The benefits of using coconut oil for hair are more than you can count! From banishing dandruff and lice to keeping dry hair and split ends at bay, coconut oil is the one home remedy that is convenient and at the same time economical. Just a few drops of this oil twice or thrice a week can do wonders to your mane. Incorporate oiling in your hair care routine and you will see noticeable results. Here are all the benefits of using coconut oil for hair!


Say hello to a longer, thicker mane

Adds shine to your hair

If you’ve been struggling to grow your hair longer, coconut oil can do the trick! Coconut oil penetrates the cuticle of your hair, thereby stimulating hair growth. The fatty acids and vitamins present in coconut oil remove sebum build-up from the hair follicles and promote scalp health which in turn boosts hair growth. Pampering your mane with coconut oil once or twice a week can create an optimal environment for hair growth. Whenever you oil your hair, ensure that you massage your scalp for a few minutes. Doing so will not just stimulate blood circulation but also make your hair follicles stronger and in turn will lead to faster hair growth. So, coconut oil for longer hair is the answer you have been looking for!


Remedy for dry, lifeless hair

Adds shine to your hair

There are numerous reasons for your hair to look dull, dry and lifeless. Shampoos that have harsh chemicals can strip your hair of natural oils, environmental factors such as dust and pollution can damage your hair and over-use of heat-styling tools can leave your hair frizzier and drier than before. The easiest solution to dry, lifeless hair is—yes, you guessed it right—coconut oil! Coconut oil makes for the perfect pre-wash treatment that will prevent shampoos from stripping the natural oils from your hair. While excessive sebum production can trigger certain concerns, some amount of sebum is required to maintain the health of your hair. Massaging your hair with coconut oil from root to tip can balance sebum production and at the same time leave your hair looking luscious and hydrated.


Quick fix for split ends and frizzy hair

Adds shine to your hair

Tackling frizzy hair is the biggest challenge for any girl who spends most of her time outdoors. The harsh UV rays, changing climate and pollution not only cause dirt and grease to build up but also make your hair frizzy and unmanageable. Similarly, split ends are also one of the major hair concerns that make your hair look dull, frizzy and lifeless. Well, coconut oil to your rescue! If you don’t have the time to go for monthly hair spas, then this home remedy is sure to work like magic. Massage some coconut oil on the tips of your hair, as doing so will smoothen the cuticles on your split ends, control frizz and replenish moisture in your hair. This is a quick fix that can come in super handy, especially while traveling.


Works wonders as a leave-in treatment

Adds shine to your hair

Thanks to our moms, we are used to applying coconut oil on our hair at night or few hours before showering. Well, you’ll be surprised to know that coconut oil works wonders as a leave-in treatment too. The ingredients in the oil protect your hair from sun damage and save your hair from drying out or getting brittle from chlorine or salt water. It makes for the perfect product to have in your beach bag. All you need to do is take a few drops of coconut oil, rub it between your palms and apply it to freshly cleansed hair. This will add extra conditioning to your hair and provide some much-needed moisture and softness. If you want to keep your hair looking fresh as a daisy, then try this leave-in treatment with coconut oil and you will see noticeable results!


Get rid of lice

Adds shine to your hair

Get ready for a quick science lesson! Lice eat tiny amounts of blood for their nourishment and use their sticky tiny feet to hold onto your hair. Eww! Gross, isn’t it? Lice are a nightmare. PERIOD! Apart from making your scalp feel itchy all the time, they can be unsightly and embarrassing. And getting rid of lice can also be extremely challenging. Well, the good news is that coconut oil can help you say goodbye to lice forever. Massaging coconut oil on your scalp and hair twice or thrice a week can kill lice. Make sure to follow it up with an apple cider vinegar rinse as that will kill all the eggs and nits left behind. If coconut oil alone is not helping, then mix it with a few drops of tea tree oil. This mixture will kill the lice as well as neutralise the eggs.


Lessens dandruff

Adds shine to your hair

Those dry, white flakes of skin you brush off your shoulders or collars are harmless, no doubt. However, they can certainly embarrass you! Those pesky dandruff flakes can be treated with the help of coconut oil. Using the oil regularly can stop dandruff from repeatedly affecting your scalp. If you want to combat dandruff, apply some coconut oil on your scalp, let it sit for about five to ten minutes and then shampoo your hair. Continue doing it till you start noticing lesser dandruff. Massaging coconut oil in your hair at least twice a week can reduce flaking and restore scalp health.


Helps detangle your locks

Adds shine to your hair

The key to detangling your hair without letting it break too much is to be gentle. Always use a wide-tooth comb to detangle your hair. The best time to detangle is right before a hair-wash or while conditioning. Combing wet hair is a strict no-no because your hair is in its most fragile state when wet. Detangling wet hair can cause more breakage than expected. If excess breakage is a big concern for you, then we suggest you get your hands on coconut oil before running a comb through your hair. Apply some coconut oil as it will make detangling much easier.


Adds shine to your hair

Adds shine to your hair

Every girl dreams of flaunting shiny, lustrous hair. From environmental factors such as heat and pollution to bad hair-washing practices such as hot water rinses and skipping on oil treatments, many factors come in the way of achieving a flawless mane. Lack of moisture and nourishment is the main cause of dull-looking hair. It is, therefore, important to oil regularly, wash not more than thrice a week and opt for monthly hair spas. Apart from that, an easy way of boosting shine on your mane is to use coconut oil. Apply the oil using a light hand all over your hair so it doesn’t look oily and instead, add some much-needed shine.

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