These Hair Mistakes Can Make You Look Older

Written by Sanya HamdaniSep 16, 2023
These hair mistakes can make you look older

Did you know, the way you style and maintain your hair has a lot to do with how old you look? Yes, you read that right. Getting the wrong haircut, colour or simply not styling your hair the right way can make you look much older *yikes*.

Now, you don’t want that, do you? (rhetorical question, duh). Ahead, we’ve highlighted some hair mistakes that make you look older than you are and how to correct them.


Mistake #01: One-length haircut

Mistake #05: Wrong parting

There’s a reason why layers are one of the most sought-after hairstyles — they give your hair movement. Hair without layers has a lot of weight at the bottom which prevents the hair from swaying and bouncing. Blunt, one-length haircut also accentuates the lines on your face. In order to make your face look younger, add layers to your hairstyle or opt for side-swept bangs.


Mistake #02: Deep dark hair colour

Mistake #05: Wrong parting

Deep, dark colours like black or dark brown draw attention to the fine lines and undereye bags on your face. Don’t dye your hair too dark; always opt for a shade or two lighter than jet black. You can also add a few highlights around the face and crown area to soften your look.


Mistake #03: Super straight hair

Mistake #05: Wrong parting

Most women love perfectly straight hair, but here’s the truth – a super-straight hairstyle will make your face look long and drawn. Using heat styling tools to straighten wavy or curly hair can leave your ends looking dry and lifeless, making you look older. While styling your hair, use a round brush to create soft curls at the end to add softness to your overall look.


Mistake #04: Too much volume

Mistake #05: Wrong parting

While a little volume can add oomph to your hairdo, a lot will only make you look older. Instead of adding volume, using styling tools or opting for salon treatments, rely on hair care products like the Love Beauty & Planet Coconut Water and Mimosa Flower Aroma Volume and Bounty Shampoo for hydrated and naturally voluminous hair.


Mistake #05: Wrong parting

Mistake #05: Wrong parting

Centre parting doesn’t work for everyone, in fact, it can make you look mature. A severe side part may also not be the best way to style your hair. Opt for a soft, irregular part, something that looks effortless. You can also opt for bangs as they can make you look younger.

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