Time Saving Hair Tips And Tricks For The Busy Moms Out There

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Time saving Hair Tips and Tricks for the Busy Moms Out There

Being a mom is challenging, with all the running around the house, always on your toes, and getting absolutely no time for yourself. Believe us, we get you. You might manage to steal a minute to wear a lipstick, maybe, but when it comes to doing your hair… Sigh! If you are a new mom or a busy, busy one at that, you need to look at the simple and quick hair hacks that will save you a lot of time and actually steal you some compliments.


Short hair, don’t care

Master the bun

If you have long locks and finding it hard to manage them, chopping it off can be the best solution right now. Plus, if you’re a new mom, chances are your baby likes to grab the loose strands every now and then. We know it’s a tough choice but short hair is easy to take care of in so many ways. Think of all the time you’d be saving in oiling, washing and combing with the shorter hair. And, you don’t need to be worrying about the time consuming hairdos while going out. 

Night time Routine

Even a minute of solace in day time is a bliss for mums. And you want that time to take a nap or watch TV in peace. You can use the time when your kid is asleep for your hair and beauty regime. Leave all the oiling, masking and combing the hair for the night before going to bed so you can give it the time it needs without being interrupted by the little ones. 


Buy multi-tasking products

Master the bun

One very efficient way to save time on your hair is merging the hair care steps. How you ask? Go for the multipurpose hair products like Dove Nourishing Oil Care Shampoo which has nourishing oil in it so that you totally skip the oiling step. Also, Dove Shampoo + Conditioner Intense Repair would save you the extra time for conditioning. 


Master the bun

Master the bun

Letting your hair loose is liberating and carefree but unfortunately, so unmanageable when you are a mom. You experience intense hairfall post-delivery and its best to tie it up at all times. The messy bun or a top knot is a cool hairdo which doesn’t need a lot of time and attention. Plus, it’s a hot trend RN. Easy to achieve and easy on the eyes too.

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