Here are 5 haircare tips that every mommy-to-be should swear by

Written by Anjali AgarwalApr 06, 2019

A lot of things change in those blessed nine months along with your body and moods. Yes, we are referring to your pregnancy! Your hair, for one, goes through noticeable changes which are most certainly dreaded by all expecting mothers. If you’ve heard the tales of excessive hair fall and dry hair during pregnancy, we are sorry to tell you they are all true. But these hair problems are totally solvable and preventable; you can trust us on this. Just abide by these haircare tips during the magical time and you’ll be fine...

Massage your hair

A gentle head and hair massage with hot oil is relaxing for you and beneficial for your tresses. That is why it is the most recommended haircare habit in pregnancy. It helps revive dull and lifeless hair into shiny healthy mane and maintain the health of hair. Mix oils of your choice and massage scalps for about half an hour every week.

Skip on styling

Keep hair styling using heat to minimum during pregnancy. Your hair and scalp are fragile as it is and use of hot tools on a daily basis could harm your hair big time. Also, don’t wear your hair tied tightly as it stresses scalps and hair follicles, resulting in tangles, hair fall and breakage.

Use mild hair products

Understand your hair type and use hair products that target your hair problems and are mild and chemical free. Herbal oils, organic dyes, mild shampoos and conditioners are your friends during pregnancy.  Oil your hair before and condition after every hair wash. Try Dove Daily Shine Shampoo and conditioner.

Be careful while brushing

Combing carefully is very important, especially when your hair is wet. Brittle and weak hair tend to break more while wet. Allow hair to air dry and use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair. Comb gently and avoid over-brushing.

Watch your diet

For the good health of your tresses, eat foods that are rich in protein and calcium. Munch on almonds and seeds. Include fish, green leafy veggies and fruits in your diet. Keep yourself hydrated with water and juices.