Not every hairstyle is meant for all hair lengths and locating what suits which is very crucial to hairdos. However one of the most important parts about any hairdo is that to try it, you’ve got to have healthy hair. To get hair like this, opt for the Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and Abundant Range that’s infused with Ginseng Plant Root Extract. As it nourishes and strengthens your hair, you can be confident about your hair looking great no matter what hairdo you choose. Read on as we put together some new hairstyles for different lengths of hair that can help enhance your look…

Bob length

A bed head or messy hairstyles with asymmetric bangs, angled layers or even soft curls are fun ways of wearing your bob length. Depending on which appeals to you on a daily basis (low maintenance, wearable at work etc.) you can choose one of these easy hairstyles for short hair.

Shoulder length

For shoulder length hair, you can sport it in highlights, waves, curls, straight and more; there are a ton of choices. You can make a one sided braid or wear the red carpet favourite—beach waves—by scrunching your hair when wet. Trust us; this is the perfect length to carry most looks.

Long hair

When it comes to easy hairstyles for long hair the choices are many; think braids, low buns and sleek ponytails (as seen on the ramp.) Braids are in fashion and full length hair scores brownie points because you can try so many variations—the rope braid, waterfall or fishtail braid to name a few. You can also opt for a messy low bun or even keep things fuss-free with a sleek ponytail.