5 hairstyles that look amazing on girls who wear glasses

Written by Sanya HamdaniJul 06, 2020
Finding the perfect hairstyle to go with your look is a task in itself; add to that a pair of glasses and you’ve got yourself a true challenge. But, before you decided to ditch your glasses for a pair of contacts, hear us out. We’ve rounded up a bunch of hairstyles that look stunning on girls who wear glasses — irrespective of their face shape and age. Excited? Scroll down to take your pick.

01. Bangs

Image courtesy: @juliemarques

Bangs and glasses are a match made in heaven! If you don’t have bangs, get them right away; ask your hairstylist what would suit your face shape. Glasses make your face appear small, so adding fringes will help frame your face.

02. Deep side parting

Image courtesy: @sandraa_en

Want to add a stylish vibe to your geek look? Simply part your hair at the side; a deep side parting will give your hair lift and add volume to your tresses. This hairstyle is your best bet if you have a formal event to attend.

03. Ponytail

Image courtesy: @courtneylynnelwood

Girls who wear glasses and have fine hair often find it difficult to draw focus away from their glasses. The trick is to tie your hair into a high ponytail; this will bring the focus to your facial features like jawline and cheekbones.

04. Slicked back

Image courtesy: @borreseverinoptik

Thick or curly hair with lots of volume and glasses is not a good combination and it will end up making your face look big. Opt for a stylish slicked back hairstyle. You can choose from slicked-back buns, ponytails or simply let your hair loose. This will draw attention to your face.

05. Bob or lob

Image courtesy: @eosurveys

Can’t manage long hair? Don’t worry; a bob, lob or grown out pixie cut also look stunning on girls who wear glasses. You can even opt for a wavy lob; it is stylish and gives out an effortless vibe.