Messy Or Sleek? Here Are Some Hairstyles That Look Good Both Ways!

Written by Harshitha PrabhakarSep 16, 2023
Messy or sleek? Here are some hairstyles that look good both ways!

It is 6:00 pm and you are going out after work. Whether you are heading out to a girls night out, a date with bae or a family dinner, you need to be able to transform your look from day to night without much effort and products. You need to change from office to casual quickly and without fuss.

Change your office hair to evening hair with these easy tips. We give you messy bun hairstyles that look good, so you can switch it up when you head out after office.


Ponytail Hairstyles


There are many possibilities with a ponytail hairstyles. For office wear, keep it part in the middle, side or just slicked back and tied into a ponytail. For an evening look, part only the front section on your hair into a loose fringe, and back comb the rest of your hair to give volume and tie it up into a ponytail, like Selena Gomez.


Low buns


Kate Middleton has not a single hair out of place and you could also achieve this with a bit of hair spray. This is a good office look. For the evening, keep the front fringe of hair parted and left loose in the front. Back comb the rest of the hair and tie it into a bun, making sure there are plenty of wisps left to frame your face. The spray you used in the morning will be enough to give you the deliberately-messy look, like Meghan Markle’s royal-yet-rebellious messy bun hairstyles.


Hair left loose


Hair left loose always looks very feminine. You could keep it straight and sleek or you could gently curl it using a salt spray and scrunching it from the ends for a ready-to-rock-the-party look.


Top knots


Jennifer Lopez does a top notch top knot like no other. Keep it sleek or take it the messy way by teasing a few strands of hair out around the face and combing the hair with your finger, which gives it the rough-ridges effect. Gather your hair at the crown of your head and wind it into a knot and secure it with a pin. Now tease out strands to give it a more casual feel.




Megan Fox shows us how to work a sleek side-braid and also turn the same into an effortlessly messy and sassy look. It is an easy transition; you just have to tease out strands of hair from the front and along the lengths of the braid.

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