The Healthiest Way To Dry Your Hair In 4 Easy Steps

Written by Sanya HamdaniNov 30, 2023
The healthiest way to dry your hair in 4 easy steps

We know how difficult your morning grooming routines can get, especially when you are not an early riser and ‘one more episode’ always turns into the whole season every night. Reaching out for that bottle of dry shampoo is your only option then. But excessive use of dry shampoo is not healthy for your hair, you need to use shampoo and water at least twice a week. We know you dread the part where you have to dry your hair post wash because it is time consuming.

What if we share a quick method of drying your hair that’s also healthy for your tresses and won’t damage it? With some small tweaks to your routine, you can get out of the door on time. Scroll down to learn a quick and healthy way to dry your hair.


Step 01: Plop your hair in a t-shirt

Step 04: Complete and set

As soon as you step out of the shower, plop your hair in an old, clean, cotton t-shirt to get rid of excessive water. Scrunching your hair with a towel is not only damaging for your hair but it also absorbs very less water. While your hair is plopped in the t-shirt apply your skincare or makeup.


Step 02: Apply heat protection

Step 04: Complete and set

Before using a hair dryer it is essential to first spray some heat protectant to prevent your hair from frizz and damage. A heat protection spray can also protect your hair from UV damage when you step out. The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray will prepare your hair for the next step while also boosting shine and taming flyaways. Hold the bottle 6-8 inches away from the hair and spray liberally from mid-shaft to ends of hair.


Step 03: Start on low heat setting

Step 04: Complete and set

When you are getting late, hitting the high setting on your hair dryer seems like a good idea. But exposing your hair to high heat right after washing can cause serious damage including hair breakage. Instead start at the lowest setting and gradually increase the heat as hair becomes more dry.


Step 04: Complete and set

Step 04: Complete and set

Once your hair starts feeling warm, you can increase the heat setting on your hair dryer to complete the process and set it as you wish. For extra protection from the pollution and heat outside, wrap a scarf over your head.

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