Maybe it’s her genes; maybe she follows a smart hair care routine, these are a few thoughts that run through our minds every time we spot a lady with great hair. The truth is some women don’t have to put a lot of effort because they’ve been blessed with enviably long and beautiful hair. Whereas for others, tweaking a few aspects of their day-to-day routine and learning a few tips is the answer to how to grow hair faster.

These tips could be as simple as not washing your hair every day to reducing the use of hair styling tools. There are several easy steps that can be followed to achieve long, lustrous locks. We have found all the answers to the one question that bothers many - how to grow hair faster! Check out our pro tips below that will help you in the right direction.


Tip1: Massage your scalp

Massage your scalp

One of the simplest and most effective how to grow hair faster solution is increasing the blood circulation in your scalp area. Massaging your hair regularly with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil promotes blood circulation in the scalp. This will also spread the oils evenly strengthening the roots and keeping your hair hydrated. Warm the oil slightly before using and massage your scalp thoroughly, let it stay for at least an hour before washing off the see results. You can also leave the oil overnight in your hair to reap maximum benefits.


Tip 2: Don’t wash your hair every day

Don’t wash your hair every day

While some people might find this tip icky, especially those who hit the gym daily, it is true that you should not wash your hair every day. Most women choose a shampoo that claims to be the solution to how to grow hair faster or one that their friend recommended or even something that smells good. But that will do nothing for your hair except make it extremely dry and lifeless. Instead, choose a mild shampoo preferably without harsh ingredients to retain the moisture. Shampooing your hair two to three times a week allows the natural oils to penetrate through the hair allowing it to repair and hydrate itself from root to tip. Dry and itchy scalp is a reason for hair loss.


Tip 3: Get frequent trims

Get frequent trims

Yes, we are giving you tips for healthier and longer hair and asking you to get regular trims, sounds counterintuitive, but to get there you need to visit your hairstylist regularly. Haircuts do not make your hair grow faster but they do help get rid of split ends that are a leading cause of hair breakage and bringing your hair growth to a standstill. Split ends also take away shine, volume and smoothness from your hair leaving it looking dull and unhealthy. Getting frequent trims could be the answer to how to grow hair faster.


Tip 4: Use the right hair brush

Use the right hair brush

You picked up a random comb or hair brush off the internet because it looked good? Or worse you are sharing a brush that your sister or mom uses too? Well, its time you invested in the right hairbrush if you wish to have healthy hair. A boar bristle brush is recommended by experts as it distributes the scalp’s natural oils onto your hair so it stays naturally shiny and moisturized. If you are wondering how to grow hair faster using this tip, let us tell you that it will increase blood circulation in the scalp and promote hair growth. Gently brush your hair each night with this brush before going to bed starting at the scalp and then moving towards the tips.


Tip 5: Minimize the use of hair styling tools

Minimise the use of hair styling tools

Heat is your hair’s worst enemy. We know your hair needs to behave well and look presentable which is why you reach out for the hair dryer and straightener after each hair wash. But these heat styling tools further strips the moisture from your hair and make it look frizzy and dry. Exposing your hair to it frequently can also burn the hair. Therefore, it is advised to use heat styling tools only if necessary and always use a heat protectant before. You can also look for heatless methods online to style your hair.


Tip 6: Sleep on silk pillowcase

Sleep on silk pillowcase

Have you ever wished that something magical happened to your hair while you sleep and you wake up with gorgeous hair? Well, guess what our prayers have been answered! Turns out replacing your regular pillowcase with silk ones can do wonders for your hair! Silk is gentle on hair as it prevents tangles and breakage and does not absorb the natural oils as well. This resolves your question of how to grow hair faster because the less your hair breaks the longer your hair will be. This will also be great for your facial skin as it is a gentle fabric and won’t cause skin problems.


Tip 7: Maintain a balanced diet

Maintain a balanced diet

Only using the best hair care products won’t give amazing hair. You also need to watch what you put in your body. In order to get good hair and a healthy scalp it is important to also follow a healthy and balanced diet. It should include all the vital nutrients that are required for a healthy scalp. Increase your protein intake by introducing foods like fish, beans, nuts, green leafy vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Also opt for foods rich in antioxidants as they boost metabolism and improve blood circulation that is necessary for a healthy scalp.


Tip 8: Protect your hair

Protect your hair

A lot of websites will give many ‘how to grow hair faster’ tips that revolve around using certain products, avoiding other products and what to eat. However, none of them will ask you to protect your hair. But we understand how important it is, so we will ask you to. You slather a layer of sunscreen before stepping out in the sun each day. Do you think the rays of the sun are not damaging your hair? Dusty environment and harsh weather conditions can take away your hair’s moisture and make it dull and lifeless. An easy way to protect it is by wearing a hat or scarf over your head.


Tip 9: Use hair masks

Use hair masks

Treat your hair to the goodness of hair masks at least twice a month. This will repair and deep condition your hair, restore shine, and lustre. Some hair masks can also help deep cleanse your scalp thereby encouraging hair growth. You can opt for store bought hair masks or create your own by mixing egg, curd and mustard oil and apply all over your hair and scalp. Wash off after 20-30 minutes to get stronger, silkier and healthier hair. This vitamin, proteins and fatty acid rich mask strengthens the roots and naturally conditions your hair.