Wear Your Heart On Your Hair! Heart Hairstyles To Sport This Valentine’s Day

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
Wear your heart on your hair! Heart hairstyles to sport this Valentine’s Day

The day dedicated to love is almost here and if you’re a Valentine’s Day fan, you must be prepping for the day. It is easy enough to pick your outfit and plan out the makeup to go with it, but what about your hair? Don’t let your hair feel neglected, try these quirkily romantic hairstyles instead!


The Love bun

Intertwined dainty heart

Switch the regular bun with this sweet love bun. All you need is a heart shaped bun tie. Use hair ties to shape the bun maker into a heart shape. Pull your hair and tuck it into the bun maker as you usually do. Secure and spray some hair spray to keep it in place.


Braided heart hairdo

Intertwined dainty heart

This hairdo is sooo cute and pretty simple to pull off. Start by making a half inverted ponytail. Divide the pony in two sections and braid them. Pull them up and secure to make top of heart. Tie the braids together into a heart shape.


Heart ponytail

Intertwined dainty heart

Cute and classy, try this hairstyle on a day-date. Tie your hair into a high ponytail. Add another tie about 3-4 inches down the pony. Take a thin section from under the ponytail pull upward from between, dividing the ponytail into two sections. Now split the section into two and twist them upward and outward creating the heart shape. Bring the ends back together and join them with the ponytail using a hair tie.


Twisted heart half up-do

Intertwined dainty heart

If buns and braids are not your thing, wear this twisted half up-do. Pull half of your hair in two ponytails. Twist the ponytail and wrap it up and over creating the top heart shape and secure with bobby pins. Do the same with the other pony and pin the ends of both, forming a heart.


Intertwined dainty heart

Intertwined dainty heart

For this easy yet pretty hairstyle, take two sections from near the temple and tie at the back. Take a section from underneath the previous section and bring it over forming a C shape. Wrap it under the tied-off section and repeat same with other side. Tie the two sections in shape of heart.

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