We women love new hair trends. It is the perfect way to give ourselves a quick makeover. And the best part? You can make it look as hot and out there as you want. Speaking of experimental hair trends, there’s one that definitely tops the list and has been doing the rounds on Instagram and Pinterest of late. This trend is called hidden hair tattoos. Weird, isn’t it? First off all, it’s a hair tattoo, and secondly, it’s hidden. What’s the point of getting it, you ask?

Well hidden hair tattoos are actually an extension of the undercut or the buzz cut trend that was huge a couple of years ago. The hidden hair tattoo trend involves creating intricate patterns and designs that actually makes it look like you have a tattoo right under your hair. And this is how it derives its name. Additionally, this is a style that men have been experimenting with for years, but this time around, more and more women are trying this hair trend and pulling it off with a lot of aplomb.

The best part about this hair trend is that it can only be seen when you wear your hair up, and can be completely concealed when you wear your hair down. Sounds pretty cool, right? Read on to find out some of the best undercut tattoos that you can sport if you want to jump onto the bandwagon of hidden hair tattoos…


1. Chevron undercut

Chevron undercut

Who does not love the classic chevron print? From bags and clothes to shoes and even accessories, a hint of chevron always ends up looking pretty good. Therefore, how could one go wrong with a chevron-inspired undercut? This looks really cool on women, and is the right pick for anyone who’s getting a hair tattoo for the very first time.

Image courtesy: @rj_nation


2. Hidden waves undercut

Hidden waves undercut

If you like your haircuts to be a little more dramatic, then these hidden waves undercut hair tattoo is ideal for you. The peacock blue coloured hair is pretty dramatic in itself, and the undercut just ends up taking this haircut to an altogether new level. If you are the kind to experiment with a new haircut and colour every few months, then we guess you’ve found the perfect inspiration for your next salon visit.

Image courtesy: @ickieduz1t


3. Criss-cross triangles undercut

Criss-cross triangles undercut

This is another very wearable hair tattoo trend that you can definitely try. The precision of the triangles makes it look neat and attractive every time you wear your hair up. The best part about this hidden hair tattoo is that it is low maintenance and is easy to recreate at home as well. If you have coloured hair, this hairdo will look even more edgy.

Image courtesy: @loourittas_hairstyles


4. Diamond undercut

Diamond undercut

If you like something that has clean lines, still ends up creating stunning, but low-maintenance patterns, then the diamond undercut is the one for you. We like how the buzz cut starts high, but still can be completely concealed once you leave your hair loose.

Image courtesy: @hun_wolfcuts


5. The flower undercut

The flower undercut

Earlier, women used to sport real flowers in their hair, but a cooler, more modern version is an undercut, with a pattern of flowers worked into it. You can pick and choose any type of flowers that you want and play around with this design to suit your style.

Image courtesy: @coiffure_rebecca


6. Cutesy heart undercut

Cutesy heart undercut

People wear their heart on their sleeves; why don’t you wear yours as a hidden hair tattoo? This cute little heart design is the perfect surprise you can give your significant other and make him smile. This hair tattoo looks really cute with short hair as well. You can even dye your hair a funky colour to give it that extra bit of drama.

Image courtesy: @page1hair


7. Windowpane undercut

Windowpane undercut

From clothes to bags to shoes to now even on hidden hair tattoos, the windowpane undercut is looks really chic and classy. The clean lines and gradient effect provide the perfect balance between bold and classy. You could even dye the undercut in another colour to help bring out it's true essence.


8. Swirly waves

Swirly waves

One of the main reasons why we love this hidden hair tattoo is it almost looks like a beautiful piece of art. The different shapes and designs give this undercut a lovely aesthetic appeal, will look classy with a number of hairstyles and outfits.


9. Fiery undercut

Fiery undercut

If you have freshly coloured red hair, then you should definitely consider getting yourself this hidden hair tattoo. The fiery and flame-like pattern of this undercut looks super badass and bold. While it may not be a great choice for the faint-hearted, if your personal style is bold and edgy, this is one undercut hair tattoo that you definitely need to try.


10. Starry eyed undercut

Starry eyed undercut

Stars form one of our favourite prints on almost anything. This print has the ability to instantly liven up just about anything and give it a super cutesy appearance. And guess what? A star-shaped hidden hair tattoo looks equally cute too! As shown in the image, get the star coloured in a different shade and you've got yourself a really cute and classy hidden hair tattoo right there.


11. Side floral undercut

Side floral undercut

Another amazing version of the floral undercut discussed earlier is to get a more mandala-like crafted floral hidden hair tattoo. But instead of getting it in the middle, getting it a diagonally at the side of your head, ends up giving this a very nice combination of classy and edgy.


Frequently asked questions about hidden hair tattoos:

Frequently asked questions about hidden hair tattoos:

1. What tattoo colours last longest?

A. If you are looking to get a tattoo, then know that with sun exposure and constant wear and tear, hair colour will fade over time and you will have to get regular touch-ups. This is even more true for bright, funky colours. But if you want the tattoo to last longer in between touch-ups, then black and grey colours last the longest and resist fading.

2. Do scalp tattoos affect hair growth?

A. There is no scientific evidence that scalp tattoos affect hair growth. But before getting the tattoo, the artist will have to first shave all your hair off. So, if you are getting a tattoo on your scalp, it could mean that you have to go bald for a while.

3. Are hidden hair tattoos permanent?

A. No, they are not permanent. One of the best things about getting a hidden hair tattoo is that they are not permanent. These tattoos are created by styling, cutting and pruning the underside of your hair to make it look like you've got yourself a tattoo right there. You can colour your hair to make the tattoo look more 3D, but fortunately, it does not require you to use a needle and ink or make a life long commitment to this tattoo. It will grow back eventually as your hair grows back.

Main image courtesy: @itssofajo