We had never paid attention to how we part our hair until we read an interesting piece of information that said the way we part our hair plays a role in defining the health of your strands. So we called in our makeup and hair expert, Swarnalekha Gupta to confirm, clarify and let us in on all the details. Turns out, that piece of information was right. Read on to find out more…

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BB: How important is the hair parting when it comes to the health of your hair?
Is it true that parting your hair a particular way for too many years can actually hurt your scalp?

Swarnalekha: Usually, your parting is determined by your hair’s growth pattern. But over time you keep parting your hair in the same place, it can cause some amount of thinning around that area. It definitely makes the hair look a little more limp and flat. So it’s always good to keep changing your parting. Not only will this help with the thinning but it also gives you a new look.

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BB: Should you change your parting every now and then? We hadn’t considered it so far, but maybe now…

Swarnalekha: Well not too many people think of it but parting your hair differently can dramatically alter the way you look. As of now, a middle parting is en vogue and trending again. However, this middle parting is most suited for people with smaller faces. When you part your hair down the middle it tends to frame the entire expanse of your face. Wavy or curly hair looks great with a middle parting, while straight and thin hair tends to look stringy rather than sleek. In case of dyed or coloured hair, parting it in the middle can particularly draw attention to regrowth in the centre in a different colour, so I wouldn’t suggest it.

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BB: What about a side parting?

Swarnalekha: A side parting is flattering and works well for most women. They make wide faces appear narrower as they sweep over half the forehead giving the face a leaner shape. Try placing your side parting a little to the right or left from time to time or switch it to the opposite side. That will give your hair more bounce and look voluminous.

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BB: Are there any trends when it comes to parting your hair?

Swarnalekha: Yes, of course! Meandering partings like zig-zags are also the rage right now. Gone are the days where hair needs to look neat.  Instead, I suggest combing your hair back, holding it with your palm and drawing a zig-zag parting from the front to the back. Then flip the hair on both sides and comb through. This looks really chic when you wear with dresses or trousers. It’s also a super fun way to make your look a tad more playful.