The monsoon might be sucking the joy out of your mane but if there’s one motto we live by, it’s, “your hair—your way.” Just because the rains are here, it doesn’t mean our hair should suffer the brunt of it. We’re still going to go all out whether that’s tight curls to rock the weekend with or a big head of beach waves, we’re not the kind of girls who understand the word ‘compromise’. If you want to jump on board, there are three simple things you need in your arsenal.

3 products for hair volume this monsoon blow dry 430x550

A superstar blow-dry to tackle those mane blues

Invest in a high-performance blow-dryer. It’s the simplest rule in the book and it might sound clichéd but it’s clichéd for a reason and that reason is that it works! One high-power blow-dry will give you all you need to tackle any situation you’re thrown in. Run in with an ex? Need to impress a client? Super-star blow-dry to the rescue! Just remember to use some heat-protectant product before you work on your tresses.

3 products for hair volume this monsoon back comb 430x550

Backcomb your way to dramatic results

It’s not the best for your tresses, we know. But it works so damn well. Give yourself that perfect pouf by a little backcombing. It will give your hair that hold it needs to look powerful, sexy and oh-so-voluminous. Just remember to pamper your hair to a homemade hair spa session to make up for all the trauma and nurse it back to health. Don’t worry; your hair is more forgiving than you think.

3 products for hair volume this monsoon bed head thickening spray 430x550

Tell the rain you’re a Superstar Queen and there ain’t nothing it can do about it

For outrageous volume, opt for Bed Head TIGI’s Superstar Queen For A Day thickening spray—volume, body and lift that just won’t quit will be yours for the taking. The results will be something you won’t be able to easily forget.