A slicked back hairstyle, the wet hair look is doing the beauty rounds lately. First seen on the runways, it became a major rage in the West and is slowly but surely catching up in India too. Here’s more on what this trend is all about. What is it? An easy trick to make your hair look party ready, this out-of-the-shower kind of hairstyle has had us excited for a while. And why wouldn’t we be? It’s statement-making, chic and absolutely sexy. All you need is a hair gel to work its magic and you’re good to go. How it’s done? Apply the TIGI Catwalk Hair Session Series Wet Look to towel dried hair. Blow dry the hair backwards using a round boar bristle brush in order to create volume towards the roots. Generously apply some Argan oil all the way through the hair or you can even mix the gel with the oil for a smoother look. Celebrities who’ve aced the look While our Bollywood divas are still to catch up with the trend, a bevy of Hollywood hotties have tested this trend and ended up looking drool-worthy on the red carpet. Check ‘em out!

wet hair look kendall jenner 430x550

Kendall Jenner

Long haired girls, this is going to be such a cakewalk for you. Take inspiration for supermodel Kendall Jenner who wears her wet hair look so beautifully. Team it with an evening gown and you’re set to rule a formal do.

wet hair look emma watson 430x550

Emma Watson

If you have well-defined features, pulling back the hair with a parting will do wonders for your face even when you have a short hairstyle like Emma. So sexy!

wet hair look scarlett johansson 430x550

Scarlett Johansson

The best part about this hairdo is that it works like magic for any hair length. If you have a pixie like Scarlett, Apply the gel and lift the crown a little and bring some bangs in the front. This one’s sure to get you ample attention.