Silky, straight hair can be great to look at, but so is messy, bedhead hair; especially nowadays when you’re spending days on end at home and can’t bother to reach out for a comb (just me? ok). However, those with naturally straight or fine hair often struggle to add texture to their hair. Are you one of those girls? Well, lucky for you, we ‘re going to show you how to add texture to your hair straight, boring hair in a few simple steps. Excited? Scroll down for a step-by-step tutorial.

how to add texture to straight hair

Image courtesy: @gavertatelier

Step 01: Start by gently combing your hair to remove knots and tangles. Then, part your hair (whichever side you prefer) using a rat tail comb.

Step 02: Use a sea salt spray such as the TONI & GUY Hair Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray to add texture to your straight hair. Start spraying at the roots, then go up to the tips.

Step 03: Now, take your hair dryer and semi-dry your hair. Scrunch the lower part of your hair to add more texture.

Step 04: With the help of a paddle brush and blow dryer, distribute the product evenly in your hair.

Step 05: To add more texture and make your hair look a little messy, pick a flat iron and bend the ends of the two-inch section of hair. Bend the first section inwards and the second one outwards, repeat all over.

Step 06: Run your fingers through your hair to finish it off. You can scrunch the ends once again at this stage.

Main image: @tamannaahspeaks