Hair masking is one of the best ways to deliver instant nourishment to your mane without having to wait for days to see results. A smooth and creamy mask can turn your hair from an unmanageable mess to moisturised and soft to touch tresses in 15 minutes.

But there are certain rules you need to follow to reap maximum benefits from your hair masking sesh. Wondering what they are? Scroll below to find out…


Pick the right mask

Pick the right mask - Hair masking rules

Are you someone who is still not into reading labels of the products you buy? If yes, you better start doing it already. Beauty products, especially hair masks, do different things for different people. For instance, there are hair masks that can deliver on their claims in 10 minutes and some that can take overnight to work. So, make sure you buy the right product according to your hair type and concerns.


Apply on clean hair

Apply on clean hair - Hair masking rules

A lot of us have the habit of applying hair treatments on unwashed hair. But using a hair mask on day 2 hair will do you no good as all the natural oil build-up result in a weighed down and limp texture. It is always better to mask your hair when it is squeaky clean so that it can deliver all its moisturising goodness thoroughly to your strands. Use the TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes 1 Re-Energize Conditioner for a quick masking routine post-shower.


Avoid the roots

Avoid the roots - Hair masking rules

Hair masks should always be applied to ends of your hair — starting from mid-length and avoiding the roots no matter what. Your scalp is already abundant with natural oils and can get greasy if over-treated with products. Hair at the roots is young and does not need all the extra care that hair masks provide.


It’s all about the coverage

It’s all about the coverage  - Hair masking rules

If you apply your hair products with your hands, we've got news for you… It might not be the best way to put products in your hair as it can't reach all the layers. Use a wide-toothed shampoo comb to apply your hair mask, especially if you have thick or unruly curly hair. You can also get a dollop of the Dove Regenerative Repair Conditioner on a detangler brush and gently massage the product through wet hair for your post-shower masking needs.