Expert-Approved Tips To Help You Delay Washing Your Hair For Up To Four Days

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
Expert-approved tips to help you delay washing your hair for up to four days

You woke up late this morning with barely any time to shower, let alone follow an elaborate hair wash routine. Whether it’s a result of staying up late to Netflix and chill or just hitting snooze one too many times, washing our hair is one activity we’d all like to delay. Besides it’s not a great idea to wash your hair every day, anyway.

But does this mean we’re going to compromise on how amazing our hair looks? Hell no! So, here are some fool-proof ways to ensure that your hair looks oil-free and pretty for up to four days with no hair wash!


Always start with clean hair

Make the most of the texture

For your hair to stay clean and non-greasy for longer than usual, it is important to start with a clean scalp. Use a clarifying shampoo, but one that is not stripping. Additionally, use scalp scrubs a few times a month to get rid of any product, oil, sweat or dirt build-up that your shampoo or styling product may have left behind.


Avoid using any post-hair wash product

Make the most of the texture

Whaaaaaat? Not even my usual serum? Nope. Haircare products, especially ones that you use for styling and apply to your roots, end up weighing your hair down after a day and make it appear greasy. Therefore, it is best to avoid them. But if you have super-frizzy hair, then you could use a little anti-frizz serum, but keep it strictly to the ends.


Wear a shower cap whenever you shower

Make the most of the texture

Just because you’re not washing your hair doesn’t mean you’re not going to bathe either. When you do take your routine shower, make sure that you are wearing a shower cap as a rule. This is because the steam, mist and tiny droplets of water tend to make your tips really frizzy and your scalp super oily.


Avoid touching (or combing) the top of your head

Make the most of the texture

Another tip to extend your no-hair-washing streak is to avoid touching the top of your head as far as possible. This also includes keeping the hair brushing and combing to a minimum. If your ends tend to get tangled, only comb through the ends. If you find yourself fidgeting with your hair or playing with it for no reason, then tie it up and away from your face in a cute hairstyle.


Make dry shampoo your BFF

Make the most of the texture

The way you use dry shampoo is of extreme importance when you’re trying to avoid washing your hair every day. Always start with just a tiny bit of product closest to your scalp (because that’s where the grease is, gurl), let it sit and soak in for a minute and then brush through your hair as usual.


Make the most of the texture

Make the most of the texture

No matter what you do, on the third/fourth day, your hair will end up becoming slightly greasy. But you know what’s the best part about that? The grip. This is the best time for you to try on a different hairstyle or play around with hair accessories, as slightly greasy hair offers an amazing hold.

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