Most hair stylists would caution you against using any device that can harm your hair as much as a hairdryer possibly can. The very notion seems quite threatening and makes you question your use of hair dryers till now. However, it does not have to be so, especially if you know the appropriate way to use one. The hair dryer is one quick styling device that can make your busy mornings more comfortable. Here’s how you can blow dry your hair like a pro.

Wash your hair thoroughly before blow-drying your hair. Make sure that you remove all the oil from your hair strands and from the scalp as well. When confronted with heat, oil burns and damages your hair, thereby ruining its texture and also causing it to reek.

Do not forget to apply a conditioner so as to lock in the moisture in your hair strands. The conditioner will also help in making your hair smoother and free from knots, which will aid the blow drying process as well. Let your hair dry completely before you blow dry it since this will give your hair a shinier finish.

how to blow dry hair

Comb your hair beforehand and make sure that there are no knots in it. This will help speed up the process of blow drying for you. Apply a heat resistant product onto your hair strands and onto the scalp since heat can strip away most of their nourishment and shine. Divide your hair into three or four sections depending upon the volume of your hair. Start with one section in the front and clip the other two so as to avoid any tangling between them.

Use a bigger brush to get that perfect finish. If you have coarse hair, this will work wonders for you as it can hold your hair strands together for a longer duration of time. Do not use round brushes with a metal core as metal tends to get heated up and can prevent your hair from gaining the desired shape. Always use a hair dryer nozzle as it directs the heat in one direction and gives you a more professional looking finish.

how to blow dry hair

Brush your hair and run the dryer through its entire length from a distance of about fifteen centimetres. Once you’ve done this, stop and let your hair settle for a while. If you continuously run the dryer through the length of your hair, there’s a possibility that you may ruin its silky finish and smooth texture. Waiting for your hair to set also ensures that your styling will last for a longer period of time.

When you are done blow drying each section, blow dry your hair once again as a whole. This helps ensure that the whole of your hair has similar direction and volume. Do not tie your hair up immediately after blow drying as you will end up ruining the shape of your hair. Humidity and water are the biggest enemies of your hair after a blow drying session; so stay away from them. Let your hairstyle set and do not mess with it by constantly touching your hair strands. In order to keep the benefits of blow drying your hair for more than a week, use dry shampoos that will absorb most of the oil and give you a much cleaner finish.