If there’s one thing that gives us the perfect hair makeover, it is hair colour. But doesn’t it break your heart when the hair colour you’ve spent a fortune on starts damaging your hair or even fading out faster than it should? If this is your story, here are ways in which you can care for coloured hair…
how to care for coloured hair

Cover up in the sun

Did you know that UV rays have the power to oxidise the dye molecules and make the colour fade or even change shades? Hence, if you’re stepping out, cover your head with a hat, a scarf or carry an umbrella.

Go for the right products

For coloured hair, we recommend using products that will care for it right. That's why you need the Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Enriched with the power of Red Algae and Keratin Nutri Complex, its formula will fortify the structure of the hair and replenish lost nutrients so that the hair stays healthy and strong.

Take precaution while swimming

If you’ve got your hair coloured recently and are headed to the pool, protect your hair by wearing a swimming cap. Most pools have high chlorine content which can penetrate the hair shaft and lighten the colour. Post swimming, it is advisable to bathe with lukewarm water as hot water tends to open out the surface of the hair strand causing hair colour to fade faster.