If you are anything like us and you love to experiment with your hair colour, remember, it is extremely crucial to care for the coloured hair. With a few simple pro tips you can keep your hair shiny and colour intact. Here are some tips on coloured hair care.
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Nourish your hair

Once you colour your hair you can’t take your hair products for granted. We've always sweared by the TIGI Bed Head Colour Goddess Oil Infused Shampoo and Conditioner. This range is infused with pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E that cares for coloured hair and removes buildup to better the colour vibrancy. The range also contains almond oil, coconut oil and keratin that soothes and adds shine to your tresses.

Maintain a healthy diet to keep your hair in good health

Do not underestimate the impact of a healthy diet on your skin and hair. The nutrients from a healthy diet work as a fuel for hair growth and luster. Foods rich in iron feed your scalp and hair by building strong keratin. Protein rich lean meats; fish, low-fat cheeses, egg whites on the other hand strengthens hair, improves texture and stimulate hair growth.

Lifestyle measures

Coloured hair, at the end of the day, is chemical based. This means that it will react to different factors in the environment. Avoid swimming for around a month after you’ve got your hair coloured. The same goes for spending too much time in the sun or at the beach. All of the above three factors can cause your colour to fade sooner.