How To Care For Coloured Hair In The Summers

Written by Chandni GhoshAug 12, 2020
When it comes to experimenting with hair, nothing works better than colour. Unfortunately, the summers can wreak havoc on your hair colour and cause some serious damage to your tresses. This is precisely why you need to give your hair that extra TLC during this season. We got TIGI Educator Audrey D’Souza to help us with a hair care guide for coloured tresses...

Go easy on heat styling

Choose comfy hairdos

Heat styling often damages the hair shaft and it gets all the more terrible when you have dyed hair. So if your hair has been recently coloured and you want your colour to stay on longer, make sure you let your hair dry naturally instead of using blow dryers.


Use a nourishing cleanser

Choose comfy hairdos

A protective shampoo and conditioner is crucial to your hair care regime, especially if you have coloured hair. We suggest using the Dove Regenerative Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. Since it contains Red Algae, it helps retain moisture in your scalp thereby ensuring hair growth—something that is imperative for coloured hair. It also replenishes nutrients and repairs any kind of damage to your coloured hair because of the sun and pollution.


Maintain the natural texture

Choose comfy hairdos

Coloured hair can turn rather frizzy and damaged. In this case, it is best to keep it au natural and stylize it by trying beachy waves. TIGI Educator – Audrey D’Souza talks about a fun way to care for coloured hair, “If your coloured hair has been rather frizzy, it is likely that things will get worse in the summers. So the best thing is to leave the texture of the hair the way it is and try not to change it. Keep it wavy or scrunch it up. In this case style your hair using a sea salt spray or a textured spray to maintain the natural texture in your hair and style it better.”


Turn down the water temperature

Choose comfy hairdos

While washing your hair, make sure the water is lukewarm. Hot water strips the colour of your hair along with robbing your hair of moisture. Hence, it’s best to stick to cold or lukewarm water when you have dyed hair.


Choose comfy hairdos

Choose comfy hairdos

If you truly want to retain your hair colour even while stepping out in the sun, go for easy-peasy hairdos that require no heat. Audrey asserts, “Ideally a messy braid would keep your hair in control and minimise damage that might happen due to the harmful sun rays. Tight pony tails or hairstyles can be damaging, especially when your hair is dry and unmanageable because these styles tend to pull your hair even more.”

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