Night Time Beauty—5 Ways To Care For Your Mane While You Sleep

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Night time beauty—5 ways to care for your mane while you sleep

While your night-time skin care routine begins with removing makeup followed by double cleansing and ends with a hydrating serum; do you care equally for your hair? If the answer is no, then let us tell you that your hair is never going to forgive you for committing this crime.

Just like how your skin repairs itself overnight, your hair too uses this time to restore itself while you sleep. Throwing in an overnight hair mask in your night-time regimen can make all the difference in improving the health and quality of your tresses. If you end up sleeping with your hair tied up in a top-knot or sleep with your head resting on the pillow while your hair is still wet, then here are all the reasons why you need to break these habits. We’ve got you covered with 5 ways to care for your mane while you sleep...


Sleeping with your hair tied up is a complete no-no

Massage your scalp every night

While sleeping in a messy bun or a top-knot may seem harmless, it actually does more harm than good to your hair. The updo can put a strain on your scalp and eventually lead to hair damage. Instead, we suggest you sleep with your hair tied in a classic three-strand braid. Braids will not just save your hair from excessive damage but also leave you with heatless waves the next morning. Win-win!


Invest in a silk pillow case

Massage your scalp every night

Making the switch from cotton to silk pillow cases can be a little steep on your pockets; however, it’ll be worth every penny. Compared to cotton, silk is a gentler fabric. Its smaller fibres will prevent your ends from excessive damage and pulling, especially as you toss and turn overnight. Therefore, ditch your cotton pillow case today and invest in a silk one ASAP!


Make sure your hair is completely dry before you hit the bed

Massage your scalp every night

Wet hair is in its most vulnerable state so make sure you care for it gently. If you prefer washing your hair at night, then we suggest you give yourself an extra hour or two to let your hair air-dry. Only once your hair is completely dry should you hit the bed to prevent tugging and severe breakage while you sleep. On days when you’re just too exhausted to wait for another hour to hit the bed, simply grab your hair dryer but make sure you use a heat protectant to avoid any frizz.


Pamper your hair with an overnight treatment

Massage your scalp every night

To give your hair some extra TLC, we suggest you go for an overnight repair treatment. Apply the hair mask all over your hair before you hit the bed, leave it on as an intensive overnight treatment to restore and hydrate your tresses. On days when you don’t have the time for elaborate hair masks, simply massage coconut oil onto your scalp and hair for the easiest and most deep conditioning treatment ever.


Massage your scalp every night

Massage your scalp every night

Happy scalp equals healthier hair! While you often ignore taking enough care of your scalp, you’ll be surprised to know that giving your scalp an extra dose of TLC every night will strengthen your locks, boost shine and at the same time stimulate blood circulation. All you need to do is bend your head forward and flip all your hair in front of you, so your hair ‘hangs’ upside down. Then, use your fingertips to massage your scalp while you are in that position. Massaging regularly for about 2-3 minutes can make all the difference in improving the health of your mane.

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