Curly hair has the power to add a touch of glamour to any boring look. If you are not blessed with natural curls, we are quite sure you may have attempted to curl your hair on at least one occasion. You may have also realized that hair curling is no joke, it requires a lot of patience, time, products and tools to get it right. Having said that, it is not rocket science and with the right tips and techniques, learning how to curl your hair is a breeze. So, if you are ready, we can show you five different ways to curl your hair at home.

But before learning that, it is important you also learn a few tips to get picture-perfect curls. Read on to find out these tips.


Tips to curl your hair

Tips to curl your hair

  1. Pick the right size of curling iron
  2. Spritz hair spray before curling
  3. Use a lower heat setting for thin hair and a higher setting for thick hair
  4. Try different wrapping techniques for different curls
  5. Hold the curling iron perpendicular for voluminous curls
  6. Hold the curling iron straight for less volume
  7. Keep hair wrapped around iron only for 8-10 seconds
  8. Blow-dry hair completely before using the curling iron

These easy curling iron tips and tricks from experts will help you learn how to curl your hair the right way. Make sure you follow these to get the best curls ever!


1. The ponytail trick

The ponytail trick

Let’s start with the easiest hair curling technique, the ponytail hair curling trick does not involve creating a lot of sections and is therefore the easiest to learn. Those who have just purchased a curling iron and are learning how to curl your hair, this one's for you.

Step 1: Gather your hair up to get a high ponytail, and secure it with a hair tie. Remember the higher, the better.

Step 2: Take the ponytail towards your face, let it rest on your forehead. Then, depending on the thickness of your hair, divide your hair into three or four sections. For tighter curls, you will have to go up to six sections.

Step 3: Wrap the first section of hair around the barrel, hold for a few seconds, then release.

Step 4: Repeat on all the other sections.

Step 5: Remove the hair tie, spritz some holding spray and you’re ready!


2. The S wave

The S wave

We bet you have heard that people use a flat iron to curl their tresses. As complicated as it may sound, this is actually true and quite easy to learn. Those who don’t have a curling iron, but would love to use their straightener to get beautiful, wavy hair, the S wave hair curling technique is the one for you.

Step 1: Start by spraying some heat protection spray all over your hair, this will protect your precious mane from damage caused by styling tools.

Step 2: Now hold a section of hair between your thumb and index finger, place the straightening iron just above the pinch and start pushing the hair into it. The section will appear like an S wave held in between the straightener.

Step 3: Slowly and carefully, open and close the straightener gently for a few seconds.

Step 4: Repeat all over, while focusing on creating an S pattern.

Step 5: Run your fingers through the lengths once to get beautiful, textured waves.


3. Bobby pin curling technique

Bobby pin curling technique

Don’t have a curling iron or a straightener? Well, guess what? You can still manage to get curls with the bobby pin hair curling technique! That’s right, learn how to curl your hair with this easy hack. All you need are a few bobby pins to get started.

Step 1: Start by parting your hair and then dividing it further into smaller sections - one inch to an inch and a half is ideal.

Step 2: Start at the top, take the first small section, and start rolling from the ends towards the roots to form a coil, secure it once you reach the roots with a bobby pin.

Step 3: Proceed towards the back taking one section at a time, rolling and securing with a bobby pin, until all the hair is pinned up.

Step 4: Now let the hair stay as-is for a few hours or tie a silk scarf around it and sleep on it overnight.

Step 5: Now pull out the clips one after the other, use your fingers to smooth out the curls. Give the curls a thorough shake at the root to add volume.


4. Sock curl technique

Sock curl technique

Image courtesy: @tresemmeuk

This one’s fairly new, it emerged as a huge trend on TikTok and has found a lot of takers. Since this hair curling technique has been tried by so many people around the world, it is safe to say that the sock curl technique is easy and gives you the curls of your dreams.

Step 1: Start with clean, towel-dried hair. This technique works best on damp hair. If it's dry, spray some water to make your hair damp.

Step 2: Divide the hair into four or more sections depending on the thickness and volume of your hair, remember you will need one sock for each section. The longer the sock the better.

Step 3: Hold the sock at the top of the section, twist and twirl your hair around it.

Step 4: Repeat on all the sections and secure the end with a hair tie, make sure it is tight enough to stay throughout the night.


5. Headband curling technique

Headband curling technique

Another heatless, overnight hair curling technique can be achieved with the help of headbands. Instead of spending hours in front of the mirror, struggling with your hair, only to be greeted by a mess, instead of glamorous curls, can be heart-breaking. Here’s how to curl your hair using the headband curling technique.

Step 1: Start with damp hair, if it is completely dry spray a little water before you start.

Step 2: Place a stretchy headband on the top of your head, just around the hairline like a crown. Do not pull your hair through it.

Step 3: Take a small section of hair and loop the hair over and under the headband.

Step 4: Repeat this looping process on all the other sections of hair, work from the front towards the back.

Step 5: Secure any loose sections with bobby pins and go to bed. Step 6: Wake up in the morning and remove the headband to get beautiful, wavy hair.


FAQs about how to curl your hair at home

FAQs about how to curl your hair at home

Q. Can I curl my hair on my own?

A. Yes, curling your hair on your own requires some practice, but it is not the most difficult task, you can easily curl your own hair with the right tools and techniques.

Q. Does hair curl better clean or dirty?

A. Squeaky clean hair may not be able to hold your curls as well as hair that was washed a day or two ago. If your hair feels greasy, simply spray a little bit of dry shampoo before beginning.